Global Warming

What We Can Do to Prevent Global Warming

What causes global warming:

The Industrial Revolution has impacted Global Warming MAJORLY. All the gases going into the air has caused the atmosphere to warm up to temps that have never been as high before. We as humans have released a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) such as coal and oil which contains lots of chemicals. Also, deforestation has become popular to create more paper products. This is extremely dangerous because that releases CO2, and there is no trees to absorbs all of that CO2 so it just stays in the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to heat.

What we can do to save our planet:

People of all ages can do actions to prevent the issue of global warming. I know you've heard them all before, but they really do make a huge difference.

- Recycle your pop cans

- Recycle your paper instead of throwing them away

- Turning the water off while doing dishes or brushing your teeth

- Take shorter showers

- ride your bike to work or school instead of driving your car to conserve gas in your car from being turned into greenhouse gases that go into the air

Another major one that involves more kids is not watch so much TV or get off your tablet/device. Doing this will conserve a lot of energy in your house that you don't need.

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Polar Bears and other animals:

All of this carbon dioxide being released melts literally polar bear's homes. They live in snowy areas and temperatures where they need a thick coat of fur to stay warm. Now that their home is warming up, polar bear's thick fur has no purpose but to only heat them up and cause them to overheat.

What happens if we don't take action:

1. Our Earth will rise 2.4 to 4.6 °C above normal temps.

2. The animals that are used to cold weather will have their homes melted and they will die off.

3. Trees will start to die off and trees give you oxygen to breathe.