Trail Wind Elementary

Issue 5: January 2016

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Welcome to 2016!

We are so excited to start the new year with you back at school! With a new year come new resolutions. We would like to challenge our students to arrive to school on time. From the beginning of the school year to present we have had 1,314 tardies!! We value your education and want you to have a successful second half of the school year, you can do this by committing to being on time to school.

For those of you who have continued to arrive to school on time we applaud you! Thank you for being committed to being on time.

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Attendance Information

Being at school everyday and being on time are of utmost importance. The Boise School District follows the State of Idaho's requirements that maintain all students must be in school 90% of the time. This only allows for 9 absences per semester. Unfortunately, we have many students who have already exceeded the 9 absences. The current semester is not over until January 18th.

Beginning second semester families will start receiving the School District Attendance Letters which are required to be sent after the 5th, 8th and 10th absence. These letters are a reminder of how many days your child has been absent. If you receive a letter after the 10th absence you will need to contact the office.

Students who go beyond the 9 absences may be subject to Attendance Court. If you have reason to surmount the 9 days due to illness or other family matters please contact the school office and we will do our best to work with you.

Students who are frequently tardy may also be sent to attendance court. We understand the occasional tardy however, anything over 5 tardies per semester is becoming habitual and we want to set our students up for success before heading to junior high where tardies will turn into documented absences.

We thank you for your attention to this matter.

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East Boise Baseball and Softball Registration

For more information regarding registration please visit
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PTO Silent Auction Support

Donate an item for the PTO Carnival and Silent Auction/Raffle!

The Trail Wind PTO Carnival and Silent Auction/Raffle will be held Friday, May 13th. This is the largest fundraising event for the PTO. Funds raised from this event are used to fund Trail Wind Elementary School’s Art Program, support the library, fulfill teacher requests, field trips, playground equipment, and special training seminars for teachers and staff, provide students with access to technology and meet other needs to help provide students at Trail Wind Elementary School with access to the best possible education.

The Silent Auction/Raffle committee has started requesting donations for this year’s silent auction and raffle and we need your help. Contact Sherry Hildebrand at or (208) 761-2911 if you or your business would like to donate an item for the Silent Auction/Raffle.

We will also have the classroom baskets as we have done in years passed and will begin collecting items for those in the spring.

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Important Junior High Registration Dates

2/22/16- Jr. High counselors to Trail Wind to present 7th grade registration materials.

2/29/16- Parent Night at Les Bois at 6:30

3/4/16- Jr. High counselors to pick up registration materials from Trail Wind

3/11/16- Computer lab registration

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Congratulations Sophia!

Congratulations to Sophia Smith from Mrs. Bevis' room. Sophia's class entered the Boise School District's Winter Card Contest and her entry was honored with Special Recognition. Way to go!

Upcoming Events!

Idaho Reading Indicator - IRI

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 8:45am to Friday, Jan. 22nd, 3:15pm

3701 East Lake Forest Drive

Boise, ID