harriet tubman

Was a hero. Always a hero

Little about Harriet...

Harriet Tubman was an African-American, anti slavery. After she fled to freedom itself, set thirteen trips to liberate over 700 slaves, friends and family, to freedom in Canada, using the underground train - network of shelters and escape routes of the opponents of slavery.

Escape from slavery

save the slaves

harriet escaped from slavery on September 17, 1849, to Philadelphia, Because the Fugitive Slave Law rarely enforced in there. After arriving in Philadelphia, Harriet began many trips to Maryland to help friends and family get away. She was known as "Moses" by those helped by it to get free. According to its assessments and acquaintances, Tubman guided some 70 slaves freed by 13 trips, giving advice and instructions 70 other slaves found their way to freedom independently.

The country was known for its determination. She was carrying a gun and was threatening him slaves were exhausted or broken spirit and wanted to go back. Expeditions were carefully planned and fleeing and moving at night and hid in the day. She never caught and never lost a single slave on the run. Adonith, Eliza Rhodes has offered a prize of $ 100 for its return, but no one knew that Harriet Tubman was the one responsible for smuggling so many slaves Dorchester and Caroline districts in Maryland.

In 1857 she went on her most daring journey, rescue her father and mother. Her parents were unable to walk the long night marches, they were required, so Harriet hired a cab for them, and had many tricks to recruit transferred from Maryland to Delaware. From there, with the help of her friends she handed them to Canada, where they spent the winter.

Weather Haooirhtzfoni was difficult for his father and mother, Harriet, and she decided to find them a better place. She began negotiations with the then Member of the Senate and later became United States Secretary of State William H. Seward to buy a house in New York, near his home. He sold a house at very Comfortable terms and is housed where her parents, and she went to Boston to finance the purchase of the house in winter 1858-9.