Y1 Focus

T1 W6 - October 3rd, 2016


  • Please sign up for a time slot to meet your child’s class teacher. The link to the Parent Teacher Consultations signup Genius is in the Weekly School Bulletin.

  • The immunisation date for Y1 students is 7th November. Please return your forms and child’s original immunisation record card to school by Friday 7th October.

Who We Are

Central Idea:

Forming and keeping good relationships can enrich people’s lives.

Key Concepts:

Form, Function, Connection

Related Concepts:

Cause/Effect, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • What a relationship is.

  • The different types of relationships we can have

  • Roles and behaviours in different relationships

What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

  • How are people the same and different in our class?

  • What are the effects of our actions on ourselves and others? (Fun Friends)

  • Why are our choices and our actions important?

  • What are our responsibilities when working and playing with others?

Learning engagements:

  • Continue: Art (All About Me Collage) Explore who we are as individuals through Art - colours.

  • Focus story - “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister - how do we form and maintain good relationships? Students act out the story in small groups.

  • Mindfulness routines / Growth Mindset ( Commitment)



  • Fiction: Rainbow Fish - describing the characters, main events, problem, and resolution.


  • Handwriting patterns


  • Introduction to 'Get Reading Right' program. Phonemes (s, c, m, p, g, t, a, o)
  • Know the phonemes
  • Begin to blend phonemes to create CVC words


Strand: Number

Learning engagements:

  • What do numbers look like?

  • Counting and matching games

  • Use place value blocks to represent two digit numbers