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Th1rteen r3asons why

Thr1rteen R3asons Why

Thr1rteen r3asons why by Jay Asher. Clay Jensen a teenage boy mails a mysterious package to a girl named jenny. This package contains a tape of the suicide killing of a girl Hannah baker that clay had a crush on before her suicide death which clay started to like her about two weeks ago. This package that Clay sent out had 7 cassette tapes in side and 13 stories in it. On the first tape Hannah makes she says to all the people that are watching this that they in some way responsible for her death she says the tapes will explain to you why. Every time a person watches the tape they have to pass it along to the next person and if you don't pass it along a copy of the tapes will go in public to everyone to see them. These tapes also come with a map so they can listen to her story clear the suicide death of Hannah baker!

This book was a very interesting book but one character that I really liked in the book was Clay Jensen he had alot in this book to deal with and he did a very good job with the tapes and handling situations the right way. His big crush was Hannah baker and when he found out what happened to her with her suicide he was really sad and didn't now why she did this to her self. He would think to himself about this everyday and try to let it out of himself and does a good job of accepting what happened to Hannah baker.

At the end of this great book Clay wounds up going to school the next day after him mailing the tapes to jenny and doing a successful job of getting the tapes to all the people on the list as he arrives at the school he gets there and sees a girl named skye miller the girl from the school bus as he walks over to her he says her name to her skye miller!

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