What Have I Learned?

EDTE 350


Technology in the classroom is not just about giving the students extra practice through an iPad, or presenting a PowerPoint for the students to copy notes from. For technology to be incorporated effectively, and for students to be owners of their own learning, then they need to be able to be creative and discover through technology. An example of this is through our Inquiry project. Through the project that I created, the students will be able to use my website as a guide, but what they create is completely up to them! In order for students to get the most out of technology, then they need to be able to use their imagination, which is the basis of my entire future classroom!

The link to my Inquiry Project: http://fairytalediversity.weebly.com.

Assiitive Technology

One of the fears that I have as I begin to think about my future classroom is how I will be able to accommodate all of my students. In my classroom, I will have students on all different levels, therefore I need to provide them with tools that will help them be successful. Learning about assistive technologies has put some ease to my fears. An assistive technology can be as simple as a pencil grip, but as complex as a computer that types according to a child's eye movement. These technologies, like keyboards and different mice, might be available in my school and I can use them to accommodate my students. All I have to do is search!
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What Else Have I Learned?

Technology allows students to be CREATIVE!!!!

It's Okay to Fail!

In my classroom, I want my students to discover technology themselves and to be creative with the technology. Through this process, they may fail. Students may not get something the first time, and it is important for them to understand that this is okay! Failure is a part of learning, and through the struggles that they may have, they will get to their end goal. In EDTE 350, I struggled a lot at first. I had to start projects over multiple times, but in the end I got to my desired goal. If I wouldn't have had the courage to TRY then I would never have been SUCCESSFUL.