power loom

industrial revolution

isaiah hawkins 2/3/14


1.Who was the inventor? Is there a second inventor who made improvements on the original invention?

2.How does this Invention work?

3.What is the purpose of this invention?

4.Where did the invention of this invention occur?

5.When did the invention occur?

6.Why was there a need for this invention?

7.Why is the invention important in history?


1. edmund cartwright // William Horrocks

2. by weaving string together to create cloth used to make clother shoes etc.

3.power looms are used to produce cloth. Modern looms can be grouped into two classes according to whether they produce cloth in plane or tubular form.



6.The power loom made it easier to make objects like clother ,shoes ,blankets etc.

7.with out the invetion of the power loom many of the clothes we wear today would not have been created.

Edmund Cartwright

who is Edmund cartwright?

Edmund Cartwright was a man born April 24, 1743, Marnham, Nottinghamshire, Eng.—died Oct. 30, 1823, Hastings, Sussex. He was also the inventor of the power loom.He probably would have spent his life as an obscure country clergyman had his attention not been turned to Sir Richard Arkwright’s cotton-spinning mills at Cromford, Derbyshire, which he saw on a visit in 1784. Inspired to construct a similar machine for weaving, this is what caused him to start inventing the power loom. Making lots of other inventions for example a cordelier (machine for making rope; 1792) and a steam engine that used alcohol instead of water.



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