Northeast Georgia Mountains

5-Day Vacation

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is, a unique town, located in Northeast Georgia. It is home to Lake Sidney Lanier. At this lake many people like to go boating, swimming, jet skiing, and some even live in houseboats. Over 7.5 million people visit this town solely for Lake Sidney Lanier every year.

Arrive at Lake Lanier Islands Resort

Monday, June 2nd, 10:30am

7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy

Buford, GA

You will be staying at a resort on the shores of Lake Sidney Lanier, that includes a beach, water park, bike trail, boat rental fleet, horseback riding, golfing, hiking, and zip-line tours.

Historical Times at Lake Lanier!

In 1956, the Buford Dam was built on the Chattahoochee and Chestatee River by the U.S Army. Lake Lanier, a man-made lake, was formed because of this dam. Water is always flowing into the Chattahoochee River from the Buford Dam.

Lunch Time At Sunset Cove Beach Club-Season!!!!!

Monday, June 2nd, 12:30pm

7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy

Buford, GA

You may be hungry and this is a great pit stop to grab some grub! While eating their house specials, the Classic Angus Burger, or the Stacked Triple-Decker Grilled Cheese you can also take part in the events provided by the club. This includes volleyball, and water sports.

Dinner at Bullfrogs Bar & Grille!

Monday, June 2nd, 7:30pm

7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy

Buford, GA

Its time to dig in! You'll enjoy various signature meals like their Award-Winning Beef Chili.

The Day Is Done

The day is all spent! Its time to return back to your lakeside resort, and get a good nights rest. There is much more excitment to look forward to tomorrow.

A Visit to Brasstown Bald!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 9:30am-3pm

Brasstown Bald, United States


After lunch its time to pack up and go! Its an hour and a half trip by car, but its totally worth it! Be sure to take pictures, because Brasstown Bald is the highest point in all of Georgia.

Meet and Greet With Tommy Aaron

Tuesday, June 3rd, 3:15-5pm

3139 Campus Dr

Norcross, GA

Aaron is a famous professional golfer who was a Master's winner. He grew up in Gainsville, Georgia. He was born February 22, 1937. He gradulated from the University of Florida. He was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in 1979.


  • Total population as of 2014 is 47,889.
  • The male population is 23,832.
  • The female population is 24,057.
  • The total number of households in Laker Lanier is 16,427.
  • The total number of households without children is 9,101.
  • Average number of people per household is about 3.

A Visit to Brenau University for Girls

Wednesday, June 4th, 9am

3139 Campus Dr

Norcross, GA

Its a bright and sunny day and you've scored a tour for a unique college that is known for its strong women body, and competitiveness. It is one of the few all-women colleges left in the nation. It is know for its artsy education and formated traditions, yet broad minded staff. The students use their skills to convert scientific research from a different source to complete an assigned project. It's Brenau University and you're in for a treat.

Keep Your Eyes Open!

If you keep your eyes open you may get lucky and find a round-tailed muskrat! These little brown balls of fluff are very common in Northeast Georgia. They have very small ears, tiny padded front feet, and webbed rear feet. They are commonly spotted near marshes and swamp-like terrain.They feed off of aquatic grasses, nuts, and berries. This threatened species is very low on the food chain; all predator birds and most mammals love to feast off this large rodent.

Its Time for Lunch!

Wednesday, June 4th, 12pm

Port Royale Ln

Gainesville, GA

Its lunch time! I'm sure after all the walking at your tour, you are ready to sit down and relax for lunch. Pelican Pete's Bar & Grill will surely do the job!

Dinner & Bed

Your eventful day has come to an end. Return to your hotel and get a good nights sleep, because tomorrow is packed with fun events and you wouldn't want to miss a second of it!

Breakfast at WIndows!

Thursday, June 5th, 8:45am

7000 Holiday Rd

Buford, GA

Rise and shine! As you are making your way to the Lake Lanier Island Waterpark, you will stop and eat at a fine breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant named, Windows! With their freshly baked biscuits and crispy bacon, you can't go wrong!

Lake Lanier Waterpark!

Thursday, June 5th, 10am

7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy

Buford, GA

After breakfast, you will make your way to Lake Lanier World! This is a fun filled waterpark with many fun yet intimidating waterslides and attractions! Though you may become exhausted after a couple of the slides, you can always sit back and relax in the lazy pool or chill in the sand by the lake itself!

Lunch at Gianni's!

Thursday, June 5th, 3:30pm

Buford, GA 30518, United States

Buford, GA

After the park, we suppose that you will be hungry! Gianni's, a fantastic pizza parlor, will do just the trick! With their great pizza and Italian dishes, we guarantee that you will be satisfied!

Going back to the Hotel

After lunch, you will head back to the Lake Lanier Island Resort. We assume that you will be burned out after you long day at the park. Enjoy your favorite restaurant one more time then jump into bed for a good night's sleep!

A Day on the Water!

Sunday, April 6th, 11am-5pm

Lake Lanier, United States


Head to Lake Lanier to spend the entire day on the day boats on the lake. Pack sandwiches because you will be on the water for most of the day. Don't forget your sunscreen! Also be sure that all of your luggage and other belongings have been packed up because the next stop is to return home!