Safe and effective products into the hands of all...

I'm on a mission to share these products with everyone I know!

Since February, I've been using beautycounter's products and I've shared them with some friends... I know that they love them as much as I do... not just because they are effective and high performing but because they are safe. I'd love for you to learn more and to consider trying them to.

Beautycounter is a cosmetics company that is leading the way in the beauty industry by setting new ingredient standards on what they choose not to include in their products. They have chosen to eliminate components that have a proven record of toxicity... components that are commonly found in skin and personal care products that we use everyday. Beautycounter does not use over 1500 ingredients that are known to cause cancer and are known to be endocrine and hormone disruptors.

The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry
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If you've been waiting to try our products... now's the time to do so and get my favorite product - the nourishing cleansing balm (a $75 product) as a gift!

It is an amazing product which can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, or masque. It works better on eczema and dry skin than anything I've ever seen (even on kids) and I affectionately call it the "manicure in a jar" because it heals dry, cracked hands and nails over night. This weekend this $75 product is yours FREE with a purchase of $150 or more. Go over to and stock up on some on some shampoo & conditioner, skincare, make-up, sunblock, or stuff for the kids and take advantage of this great special!!