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Tomorrow January 13, 2016 is our first day at GESU elementary! We will be working with their after school program weekly on from 4pm-6pm and meeting at the student center south at 3:45 pm each Wednesday. Due to specific state requirements MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED to participate. Please email us if you are not a member but want to become one.

GESU Program 1/13/16 Details

Vision Board Making

Students will be making vision boards:

-Each student goes through different magazines and books looking for things they represent them or have something to do with their dreams and future goals.

-They each receive a piece of construction paper, where they paste their different images that they found.

-They can also decorate/personalize their vision boards with glitter and stickers and add other ideas they may have.

-When they’re done their boards they can write a few steps on the back with how they’ll accomplish them.

-Come together and allow a few students to share/present

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