What do you know about Sacagawea??

What does Sacagawea's name mean?

In some versions Sacagawea's name means "Bird Women"

Why was she important on the expedition?

Sacagawea was important on the expedition because she spoke 2 different languages, and she was hired with her husband as a translator.
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How did she die?

Sacagawea died of Putrid fever.

How many kids did Sacagawea have?

Sacagawea had 2 kids, a son Jean, Baptiste, after the expedition she had a daughter named Lisette.
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When did she get captured into another tribe and what was it called?

She was captured by Hidatsa Indians at age twelve.
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Did Sacagawea ever see her family again after she was kidnapped?

While on the expedition they encountered a group of Shoshone Indians and she realized that the leader was her brother, Cameahwmit.
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Who was Sacagawea's husband?

Toussaint Charbonneau a french Canadian fur traitor who lived among Hidatsa Mandan Indians since 1796, and had 2 shoshone Indian wives.
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How long was Sacagawea with the expedition?

She left with them on August 25 and was on the expedition from 1805-1809.
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By which route did Sacajawea lead Clark's party through the Rockies?

The Bozeman pass.
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