No Alcohol = Better life

Alcohol Abuse

Social Problems

Alcohol abuse dosen't just cause phsical problems, but also problems with family members, friends, and co-workers. Many alcoholics have a hard time dealing with responsibilities and emotions. This can make it difficult for an alcoholic to have positive relationships. It also can have a person struggle with school or work by missing time or failing grades. In tradegic situations alcoholics may even cause the death of someone or themselves.

Short term affects

Short term side effects may be different for each person when it comes to drinking alcohol. You may experience blury vision when you drink too much. Some people may have trouble walking or talking. Others may feel irritation in the stomach or small intestine. Intoxication can occur in which a person lacks control over mental and or physical abilities as a result of high blood alcohol concentration. It depends on the person and how much they drink.

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and diving is a very serious issue. Drunk drivers can cause terrible accidents leading to serious injuries and even death. They can get into accidents due to loss of muscle control and slow reaction time. Many drunk drivers are caught and have to take a breathalyzer and other test for police to see if they have been drinking or not. If a person is proven to be drunk, they will be arrested and can lose their liscense for many years.

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