Virtual Resume

By Shyann Cummings

Goal Setting ( Academic Goal )

S My academic goal would be to get a 75-80 average in all my classes and to stop being lazy and get my work done on time.

M i will have to be more focused in class and ask my teachers for more help when i need it and try not to figure it out by myself and stress my self out when i can ask the teachers.

A Steps that i will need to be taking to achieve my goals are to get my work done in and out of class be used in class, don't be lazy and ask questions when needed

R This goal is important to me at this time in my life because starting next year im going to start looking at collages and there averages so i want to start getting better grades starting next semester.

T Some smaller goals that i can take to get closer to my main goal is so to stop procrastinating, n stop brushing everything to the last minute.

Goal Setting (Volunteering Goal)

S: My volunteer goal is to volunteer at a social worker office or center because i want to become a child social worker.

M: i will know when i get my goal is when i actually volunteer at a social worker center or office. A method i could use for this is to find 1-2 offices that are close by and volunteer at one them.

A Steps that i will need to take to make this goal come true is to Go online search up social working offices and find out if they will allow me to volunteer and go from there.

R This goal is important to me because this job is something i want to do for the rest of my life so i have to take things really serious going into next year. i need to start volunteering at social working offices to see what my future will be like.

T Some smaller goals that i will need to take are like the ones i said above like find 1-2 social working offices and volunteer there to get an idea of my future.

Challenges & Solutions

Some challenges I could face while I am a social worker could be some of the problems I could be hearing from the child, and what they have been going through, and the difficulties they have struggled with, a solution that I would use to fix the problem would be to have a wall and not let my personal feelings interfere with my business life. Another challenge I could face while I am a social would be trying to find a place to start out as a social worker like a social working office or center. A solution that I could use if searching up some social working places and applying to them.

The Script

In my future I want to become a child and youth worker. I could choose to attend College or University for my program, but for grade 11 & 12 I have selected all of the appropriate course that are recommended for that program. I would need to be getting an 80 average in all of those classes for attend the program in college or university. The length of the program would be for 4 years just like high school. This program will basically be helping me understand my career more and to help me work with children so that when I do graduate and get my job I won’t be confused about anything I will know exactly what to do.

My Understanding

I never knew how much this course would help me look into my future. This course taught me a lot of important skills that I will need for my future like “Money Management”, how to save money & helped me learn about my taxes. This course also showed me how to search up different Colleges and University’s that I could attend when I finish high school and all the courses I would need to get into the programs and the averages that I need to have for example (to get into the child care program you need to take (English, Math, Family Studies, Science, Social Studies, Human Services, Management & Business, & Child And Youth & Development). I need an 80 average to get into the program at Humber College Lakeshore Campus. This course shocked me because if Ms. Kim had never taught my class or shown our class about the website “Career Cruising” I wouldn’t know about what courses I would need to take or what my average had to be. I had a really fun time in this careers course.