Mobile Apps for the Classroom



Blogger is a free blogging app that allows students and teachers with a Google account to post directly to their blogs. Blogging is a great way for teachers to keep track of student reflection.


Duolingo is a language learning app that includes courses to learn several languages, and even more language learning courses are currently being developed. This app is a fun way to learn languages because it is set up as a game. Learners can earn points and compete with other students in the class on the weekly scoreboard.


TikaTok is an app that allows teachers and students to create books based on Common Core templates, and then publish them as an eBook or in print. By motivating students with a published copy of their book as a reward and way to show accomplishment, students will begin to develop a love of writing and creativity.
TikaTok Student Publishing

Math Scaled

Math Scaled has a series of puzzles that allow students to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. The puzzles start off easy and then progressively advance.


Storehouse is an app that allows you to create visually appealing presentations with photographs and video. This app will be beneficial for visual learners who like to organize their thoughts as a visual presentation instead of struggling to write an essay to express their ideas with little visual stimulation.