Managed By Logan Curl

Computers/Phones for Sale


  • Intel---------------------------------------------500 to $1000 (depends on the processor)
  • Apple--------------------------------------------400 to $700 (depends on the processor)
  • HP------------------------------------------------600 to $1000 (depends on the processor)


  • Intel---------------------------------------------200 to $700 (depends on the processor)
  • Apple-------------------------------------------200 to $500 (depends on the processor)
  • HP-----------------------------------------------300 to $700 (depends on the processor)


  • Samsung Galaxy--------------------------------------108 to $700
  • Iphone (all)----------------------------------------------100 to $500
  • LG----------------------------------------------------------100 to $600


My business will allow people to access the internet for a small price every hour they use the computer. It will also fix and help people with there problems for a price. We also sell computers and internet installations.


We have a membership as you have heard, but there are some perks to it. All the computer repairs are 25% off, and we don't just do computers. If you sign up you get a 50% off phone and phone items!