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Hello parents and families of Northland High School, and welcome to the new Northland Newsletter! We are so excited to continue this monthly communication, and we hope it serves you well and helps you become more involved in your student's learning. Please reach out to Ms. Bertsch at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

News From Mr. Watson

Attention Seniors: Cap & Gown Pictures - How to Order

Mr. Roberts will take the forms with credit card information. Students should complete and seal in an envelope for privacy. Mr. Roberts will let Patrick know if there’s a pick-up to be made.

Attention Seniors: Columbus Promise Deadline

The Columbus Promise deadline is fast approaching! This new opportunity allows every CCS graduate to attend Columbus State to complete a certificate or two-year degree for fee, plus students receive a $1,000 stipend for expenses!

Check out for details on applying, and reach out to Ms. Pitzer or Mr. Watson if you need assistance!

Attention Seniors: Upcoming Senior Events & Attendance Criteria

With Spring upon us, senior activities are on the horizon! It’s important that our seniors take care of business in the classroom before doing the fun stuff. To that end, please note the following criteria for upcoming events:

Criteria to Attend Prom, May 6th

All Students:

· Complete 120 internship hours

· Recover any 1st semester grade required for graduation

· Pass 3rd quarter of any course required for graduation or have a C or better on the 4th quarter grade check form

· Completed College / Career Pathway requirement

· Complete all VCAP required for graduation by April 30

For complete details, please go to

News From Mr. Bell

Attention Seniors!!!

If you do not have your Internship Credit completed, you need to stop by Mr. Bell's Office and talk about your plan.

News from NHS Counselors

Counselors are scheduling for next year! Please make sure that you child has talked to their counselor about what classes they want for 2022-2023. You will be able to see their requests in your parent portal or view their IC page to see their choices.

  • We have openings for College Credit Plus classes which are available through Mrs. Elledge and our Columbus State collaboration.
  • We have AP classes and college level classes which can count for college credit and save you money when paying for college!
  • Our Engineering department would love to recruit your student for Robotics or Programming classes!
  • We have American Sign Language class that is a huge hit in our building this year. It counts as a foreign language and has a Columbus State option for ASL college credit!
  • There are options for PE waivers if your child has done two years of a varsity sport or marching band.
  • Our arts department is recruiting singers, artists and actors now for next year.

    Encourage your child to take the most challenging classes to improve academic rigor in their schedule. Or advocate for them to try new things whether technology or fine arts! Every experience in high school helps shape your child's future and helps them come closer to the big decisions of what they want to do as a career. Email or contact your child's counselor.

Class of 2023 Amy White

Class of 2024 Erica Kennedy

Class of 2025 Gabrielle Richardson

News from Ms. Elledge

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Northland High School Sports Calendars

All times and dates for NHS sporting events can be found here!

CSCC Dean's List

Congratulations to the following students who are on the Dean's List for last semester at Columbus State Community College!

Fatumo Abdi

Hussein Ahmed

Brian Boansi

Madelyn Dumashie

Lynnsey Hale

Pau Lian

Juliane Lukambo

Patience Ogundare

Nia Waugh

The Dean's List is for students who have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and have completed 6 credit hours or more for the semester.

Please congratulate them on a huge job well done!

A Message from Our Partners at Nationwide Children's Hospital

COVID-19 Vaccine for Children: How to Prepare Your Kids

Parents often have conversation with their kids about getting “shots.” You let them know it might hurt a little, or that it will help protect them from getting sick.

But because of all the news and conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine, young children may have extra questions or worries.

Now that the vaccine is authorized for children 5-11 years old, it might be time to have a conversation with your kids about what the vaccine is, how getting it could protect them and why it’s important.

Here are a few tips for having that conversation:

Ask what they’ve heard and answer their questions honestly.

Children are always listening. It’s important for you to understand how they understand COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Focus on health, not the shot itself.

While the biggest concern for the young children might be that initial poke, the larger message should be that the COVID-19 vaccine can help protect them, and others, from a more serious illness.

Be honest about how the vaccine could make them feel.

There are some minor side effects that were reported in trials of younger children, similar to what adults and older children have experienced. Mild or moderate injection site pain, fatigue and headache were the most common.

You know your child best, but these tips are a good place to start.

Thanks to our partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, your child(ren) can get the COVID-19 vaccine and the booster, at various Columbus City School doctor offices. Visit the Care Connection webpage for more information or call (614) 355-2590.


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Tutoring Resources for Parents and Students

The Columbus City Schools FACT Line, part of the Office of Customer Relations, has compiled a listing of local agencies, organizations, and individuals (independent contractors not under the auspices of CCS) who provide tutoring or family-related services, as listed in the Lutheran Social Services Directory for Franklin County. View the full list here!

Tutoring at Northland HS

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Current Donation Opportunities/Items Available

Coats and Hats Available at Northland

If you need hats or coats, please fill out the following Google Form so we can try to help!:

Family Activities and Resources - April

Visit the following link for more information about resources and upcoming activities near you!

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Summer Camp Registration

If your student/child is interested in attending a summer camp through the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, sign up now! Offerings include fitness camps, performing arts camps, sports camps, therapeutic recreation camps, and more! Get all the details and access to registration here:

What We've Been Up to at NHS!

Sista, Sista at a "Day in the Life of a Buckeye"

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Our Sista, Sista mentoring program had the opportunity of visiting OSU for their "Day in the life of a Buckeye" program. The students were able to tour the campus of OSU, attend a class simulation, participate in an article discussion and were provided lunch in the Union.

Mr. Kellar's Class - OnShape Madness Grand Championship

Please join us in giving a super shoutout to Riyana Mohamed, our newly crowned Grand Champion of 3D Modeling and 8th period class champion. Runners up were Kevin Figueroa and Trent Lewis who themselves were class champions of their respective 2nd and 1st period Intro to Engineering Design classes.

Riyana completed the Grand Champ round in less than 5 minutes and broke the previous record of 6:43. Way to go!!

Restroom Refresh Project, led by Ms. Baker (School Social Worker) and Ms. Bertsch (School Social Work Intern)!

Ms. Baker and Ms. Bertsch set out on a mission to renew the student restrooms here at Northland High School. With the help of student volunteers, both the lobby restrooms and Hallway B restrooms have been repainted and reimagined!

Northland Success Coach

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