Pinatubo Volcano



The 1991 eruption of Pinatubo was one of the second largest volcano eruption in the 20th century. This volcano is a Stratovolcano. This volcano is located in the Philippines. The major city is Manila.The population of the city is 1,652,171. The distance for the volcano it is about 55 miles. When this eruption happened a lot of people got hurt. In fact up to 800 people where killed and 100 thousand became homeless. Had Tropical Storm Yunya not been nearby, the death toll from the volcano would have been much lower. This eruption cause the skies to become full of sulfur dioxide. In fact 15 million tons were released in to the atmosphere. That is the last eruption that mt Pinatubo has had since 1991. It is also the most destructive eruption. The eruption was caused by an earthquake that happened 100 km northeast of the Pinatubo region. During the last five months of 1991, 200 mud flows raced down the valleys of Pinatubo. Loosely dammed drainages broke through and swept down slope as more destructive mud flows. Described as floods with the consistency of wet cement, the lahars jumped river banks, and swept away or buried everything in their paths.

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