By Chikana Hirose

Size of the country and the population of the country

Japan doesn't have much land. The size of it is 377,914km^2. Population is 126,659,683. Population density is 337.1/km^2. Not many natural resources, so people makes technologies. Is how Japan is Japan.


Over 50% of Japanese go to some kind of university. In Japan, schools teach math more deeply, so many Japanese are good at math. That makes Japanese smarter, and they can make technology.


In Japan, there is no army force. Japan only have Japan self-defense force (JSDF). By law, Japan cannot fight with other country. Policy of "No war". From this, not many countries are trying to attack Japan.

Physical features

Japan doesn't have lots of land. Almost none natural resources, so Japanese tries to make better technology by better education.


Japan make many cars and technologies to make Japan wealthy. Many Americans ride Japanese car, and Japanese cars are became more popular. That's why Japanese can live well.