This Week in 2B

Our Learning Journey

Finishing Strong....

We had an incredibly exciting week last week and I'm sure this week will keep up the frantic pace! I was so very proud of all of our WINNERS last week during field day! We almost "pulled out" the tug of war and we gave it our absolute best effort. 2B rocked Field Day and I couldn't have enjoyed cheering for each and every one of them anymore than I did. They were fabulous!! We also had a surprise visit from Mrs. Tuttle and Robert! Boy were we busy!!! It's a new week and we're moving on and working hard on preparing for our program next Thursday. Students will complete their final draft of their Who Am I? essays and practice their lines and song. Many thanks to Mrs. Kim Tate who so flawlessly blended our research project into an entertaining performance. I know that you will all enjoy it tremendously! The children began an art project for their grandparent/special friends today. They will be all "a flutter" on our door as they greet you next week. We haven't forgotten our Math skills though. We're focusing on multiplication this week. Please continue to have your children read for our Summer Reading Challenge and log in their minutes. We would love to be the winning class next week and get the Book Worm Award!

Who Am I?

Final Week...

We are working hard in class to prepare ourselves for the program next week. The children are showing me their best handwriting skills as we finish our final drafts of our essays. They are also working on props for the program, creating fabulous posters of their character. We definitely have some budding artists in our class! Our voices are ringing loud and clear as we practice our lines and our songs for our big day next week. Please have the children put the finishing touches on their presentation boards. As they are working on their boards, ask them a few questions about their character. During the living museum portion of our program the children will have to engage in conversation with the "visitors" and we want them to be prepared! They will need to have an introduction line to encourage the "visitors" to chat with them. EX. "Hi there friends, I'm Babe Ruth. Have you ever hit a home run? I've hit a few!" I know you will be so proud of the completed and presented project! The knowledge they have gained about their character and others in our classroom has been phenomenal. They really are having a blast from the past!

Calendar Reminders

Wednesday, May 15 - Second Session of Standardized Testing in the Computer Lab

Thursday, May 23 - Grandparent's/Special Friends Day Program

Tuesday, May 28 - Vendor's Market (with the entire grade)

Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day/Graduation - No School

Tuesday, May 28 - Friday, May 31 - Break the Uniform

Thursday, May 30 - Noon Dismissal - No Aftercare

Friday, May 31 - Last Day of School - Noon Dismissal - No Aftercare