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Week of June 7, 2021

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Happy Summer Westside Families! Thank you again for sharing your children with us this past school year. We miss them already, but hope you are enjoying the extra time together! I will be sending out a summer newsletter every OTHER week until the first week of school to keep you all informed and share summer happenings around our area.

Summer Recovery begins this week at Columbia Elementary for rising 2nd, 3rd & 4th graders! Please check your child's report card for bus slips with bus stop location and pick up times along with other reminders. Times for summer program: 7:30a-12:30p (free breakfast and lunch for all students. Questions? Call Columbia Elementary @ 321-676-1319.

Are your children saying they are bored yet? If so, scroll down for some different ways to fill their summer with fun and learning!

~Mrs. Stephanie Woodbury, Principal

(321) 956-5050

E-Learning Materials/Laptops Return

Thank you to all the families who have turned in their technology and textbooks thus far! If you have not done so, our office will be open Monday-Friday from 7a-3:30p all summer. There is a $45 charge for any missing chargers, and any damaged laptops will be assessed upon return for replacement cost. Please park and bring your items to the front office to return and receive a confirmation receipt and final report card.

You can also still purchase one of our 2020-2021 Yearbooks in the front office until supplies last!

Summer Access to Learning Technology

Want your child to keep up with their learning over the summer? Here are three resources at your fingertips students can do independently to ensure their success. Students MUST go through their Launchpad to access these apps shown below! (Go to Launchpad icon--use log in credentials) If your child does not have these apps, simply click on the + sign up at the top and search for the app to add.

  • i-Ready access will be available until July 15th. Students can work on Reading and Math independently. Recommended 30-45 minutes/week for each subject.

  • Lexia Core 5 will be available until July 30th for all K-5 students. Lexia offers online ebooks and lessons on reading skills. Lexia Power Up will also be available for all 6th grade students. Recommended up to an hour/week.

  • Sora access is available all summer. This is a large collection of online books that students can read or listen to for pleasure. Listening to audio books that are above your child's reading level is a great way to build vocabulary and exposure to complex text! Students can earn a special treat for all the books they've read on Sora throughout the summer. They will be receiving a tracking postcard from their teacher soon!

These resources are a great way to encourage learning and keep skills sharp over the summer!

T-Mobile Offers FREE Internet

T-Mobile has launched a program to give K-12 students FREE internet access! See flyer at the end of this newsletter with more information. Sign up today at or visit a T-Mobile retail store to receive assistance enrolling online.

Summer Activity Ideas

"MOM, I'm Bored!!" Anyone hear this yet? See below for some fun ideas to pass the time or click this link for information on local summer camps, day trips, and much more!

Summer Activities at home:

  1. Scavenger Hunts- Give kids a list of items to find around the house or outside. Categories coculd be "Colors of the Rainbow", "Textures", "Items that start with certain letters", and more! They can collect them in a bag/box, or even take photos of them with tablet or cell.
  2. Recycled Materials- cereal boxes, egg cartons, soda cans, toilet paper rolls and even old school papers can be used to create art, build a structure or invent a new tool. Give them a challenge and then let them go!
  3. Home Workout- get them moving with a fun workout with mom/dad or even siblings! Write down a list of exercises numbered 2-12. Have each person roll a set of dice and do the exercise that corresponds to the number rolled. Fun and Healthy!
  4. Purge & Sell- Summertime is perfect for cleaning out old toys and clothes. Have kids purge their rooms and then set up a garage sale to earn summer spending money! Maybe even set up a lemonade stand during your sale!

Summer Activities Close to Home:

  1. Go to the park.
  2. See a movie.
  3. Walk on the beach.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Take an art or skill class.
  6. Skating rink or skate park.
  7. Visit a relative.
  8. Go for ice cream!
  9. Stroll the shops.
  10. Slumber Party at a friend's house.

Summer Office Hours-**Monday-Friday**7:00a-3:30p

Upcoming Events

  • July 26-July 30: Registration Week!
  • June 4th-August 9th-Summer Break!
  • August 10th- First Day of School