Rigoberto lara :)

mexico rockes


I LOVE TO PLAY SOCCER IN MEXICO. I PLAID AS A DEFENDER I WAS pretty GOOD.I love jordan,adidas,nike they are my fav brand.I have gone to mexico .And love it even thou i am from the united states.8/27/2002 is my birth day.I love animals and video games.i love music its the only thing that makes me go to sleep at night. tacos are life i love mexican tacos.I love my family cause when we make a party its sow cool.my fav drink is mostly all of the mexico ones.

pleas thell me if you have something the same whit me

my half brother is 6 and he won the golden boot for his team in a game he is good

my fav movey

this move is awsome but nasty to but i dont want to spoil it so go watch it
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