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Software developers helped Disney make "Big Hero 6" look amazing

My thoughts about this article are good. The movie "Big Hero 6" is sad but I understand now why they wanted to add in the software. If you have seen "Big Hero 6" and have seen some of the flying seances you may have noticed that some clouds look real that is the new software they put in it. It is called Hyperion it not only makes the clouds look realistic it makes the flying seances look more dream-like.

With a new arm, a young war victim finds her artistic talent

My thoughts about this article are strong. From just reading the caption it was already getting sad. It was also really sad because she thought it was a rock she picked it up and threw it on the ground and it took of most of her right arm, destroyed her right eye, put a few scars on her face and killed her brother. They say next year they will give her a prosthetic eye, and tend to her scars. While she painted she would sing a song. And afterwords she would dress up in a Minnie Mouse dress and put on Minnie Mouse shoes.
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