The Chinese Ghost Festival

By Michael Neumayer

The Festival

The Ghost Festival, or Hungry Ghost Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. The 7th month, Aug. 7th-Sept. 4th, is called The Ghost Month. This festival represents the connection between the living and the dead. It is said that the gates of Hell is open so the spirits of the underwold is able to roam the Earth with us. The Ghost Festival is the climax of the whole month.

Activities During the Festival

*Offers of prayers and paper money to their deceased relatives.                              *Preparing and releasing paper houses.                                                                                        *The burning of the 20-foot-high Chinese deity, Da Shi Ye. (Guarden God of Ghosts)  *During the setting of fire to Da Shi Ye, they watch fireworks.                                          *Listening to prayers in front of Da Shi Ye

10 Things to Avoid

1) Shouldn't pee on tree, may offend the spirits. 2) Young people should not roam for fear the spirit will follow you home. 3) Couples shouldn't get married 4) Don't swim spirits may try to drown you. 5) Don't talk about ghost, it may affect them. 6) Avoid the colors red and black. 7) Don't hang your clothes out on the line at night, spirit may try them on and bring bad luck on you. 8) Leaving an open umbrella is bad, for the spirit will take shelter under it and stick around. 9) Don't plan on moving around this time, spirits will accompany you. 10) Celebrating birthdays at night is unpromising.
七月 "Qi Yue" (7th Month) Hungry Ghost Festival | Short Documentary