Happy New Year & December Recogition!

Charmed Impressions

Goodbye 2013!

Happy New Year my dear Charmed Impressions! I hope that you all have enjoyed your holidays and took time off to be with your family and friends during this special time of the year. I enjoyed a fabulous - mostly work free - two weeks with my kids and hubby. We didn't travel this year, so we were able to enjoy our time at home and tackle some major organizing projects! Sadly my office wasn't on the list, so I will take that on this month!

So as we close the books on 2013 it's time to take a quick moment to reflect on how we changed as a team this year....

We welcomed 15 new teammates!
We became an international team when Inga Cosway joined us from Scotland!
We promoted one Senior Stylist (Holly Henderson) and three Lead Stylists (Jackie Glasscock, Annie Hansen, Inga Cosway)!
We had 5 of us attend Hoopla in Vegas (Amy Heidke, Holly Henderson, Adrienne Bonds, Tye Moore).
We became a Star Heart of Leadership team in July!
As a team we sold over $214,000!

That is incredible and I am so proud of each of you, whether you sold one pair of earrings or personally sold over $14,000 in 2013 ( WOW!! Holly Henderson, Tami Solomon & Stephanie Fahmy). I hope that each of you had fun and truly felt a part of this team. We all have different goals for our businesses, whether it's to make a few $100 each month for extra spending money or to pay for a mortgage, your child's pre-school, or a vacation. We can schedule one trunk show a month, or 4 to 6. It's all based on what works for you and your life - and what your goals are! Before we move on to talking about our goals for 2014, let's give out some December Kudos!!

Top in Sales!

Leigh Thomas - Stylist - Wellesley, MA

Leigh Thomas was top in sales for December with $2,557! Not only did she earn her extra 5% commission for selling over $2,308, she also earned level 1 of the Wrap Up your Season incentive! Did I mention that she just joined us in October, works as a Nurse Practitioner, and is a mom of 2 adorable kiddos? Congratulations on achieving your goals this month, Leigh! I can't wait to see what this year brings you!

The Rest of the Best with over $500 in Sales!

Listed in order by sales:

Inga Cosway, Lead Stylist
Stephanie Fahmy*
Jenni Dudley*
Andrea Hansen, Lead Stylist
Tami Solomon
Amy Heidke*
Meg Fontecchio
Holly Henderson, Senior Stylist
Chiara Cherin Rhouate

* Earned the Consistency Bonus of $100

Congratulations to our Wrap Up Your Season Incentive Earners!

Level 1 ~ $350 Free (250 pounds):

Holly Henderson
Tami Solomon
Amy Heidke
Chiara Cherin Rhouate
Carly McGovern
Jenni Dudley
Jenny Dieter
Inga Cosway
Adrienne Bonds
Andrea Hansen
Jessica Jones
Leigh Thomas

Level 2 ~ Total of $600 Free:

Stephanie Fahmy
Jackie Glasscock

I am looking forward to hearing what you choose to get from the new Spring Collection with your credits!!

Goals for 2014....

Now let's focus on 2014!! Take a moment and think about what you would personally like to achieve this year. Think about something that seems pretty achievable, and something that is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (as Danielle would say). Write it down and post it where you can see it! Above is the goal sheet from the lounge, print it out and declare your goals! Then, so that I can support you in achieving these goals take this quick survey and let me know how I can help! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HK39GL7

I am looking forward to working with each of you and helping you make this your best year yet!

A Few January Highlights...

Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor