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Download the free SORA app

Visit the app store on your device and download the free SORA app to search, read, or listen to MEI Secondary Library eBooks & audiobooks.

When you open and log-in to the app for the first time, you will need to follow the steps below to set up your access. After your initial use, the app will open to your library account automatically.

or access eBooks & audiobooks with any internet browser

Login to SORA using the username and password as described below.

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step 1

Open the SORA app and select Find my school.

step 2

Scroll through until you find MEI Secondary, and then select This is my school.

If you can't find MEI Secondary, select My school isn't listed as shown on the bottom of the screen, and use the access code: meisecondaryca

step 3

Select Sign in using MEI Secondary School.

step 4

Enter your MEI Schools staff email -- the same email you use to login to Schoology and Office365.

Then select Next.

step 5

Enter your password -- the same as your email and Schoology account.

Then select Sign in.

Now you're good to go!

From now on, every time you open the app it will open your account and show you the page to search or browse the collection.

Looking for tips on how to use the SORA app?

Select the navigation icon -- the 3 stacked bars in the top corner

This opens up a quick view of your profile and settings.

Select Help from the list of options.

Choose a section

There are a wide variety of tips and tutorials for how to use the SORA app. Select a topic to see further learning options.

If you don't want to use the app, or browse the SORA website, you can also find eBooks & audiobooks by searching the MEI Secondary Library catalog!

Select MEI Secondary Library.

You do not need to Log In to view or search the library catalog.

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Once the library catalog has opened, enter your topic and Search.

A Keyword search is the default search type, and will show you results that include your search topic in the title, the author, the summary about the item, or anywhere that topic is mentioned.

You can also narrow down your search by selecting to search for your topic by Title, Author, Subject or Series.

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Find eBooks & audiobooks in your Search Results

If you are interested in an eBook, look for the Open button.

If you want to listen to an audiobook, look for the Play button.

Once you select either Open or Play, you will be prompted to login to your account.

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Look at all the SORA eBooks & audiobooks in one spot!

Check out the Resource Lists.

Go to the Library catalog and select the Resource Lists option on the left side of your screen.

Select SEC eBooks & audiobooks to browse MEI Secondary Library's entire collection.

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