Project 2 - Vinyl Sticker

Made With A Vinyl Cutter and Vinyl

The Product

The product I designed is based on Caesar's Legion, a fictional group from a popular video game series. It is a sticker that is designed to appear as a kind of flag to represent the group in question. The target audience would be fans of that series, such as me. I attempted to emulate the style of that group, one which is borrowed from the historical Roman Empire. In this way, the product will be immediately recognizable by fans, who are typically willing to purchase items for more than what they would typically be sold for.

Obstacles Faced

The most prominent obstacle I encountered while designing my sticker was the color red. The colors of the group I was creating this design for uses the colors red and gold to represent themselves. Unfortunately, we lack truly red vinyl. As such, I was forced to compromise and use maroon instead. This means that the text does not blend in with the background. The other problem I encountered was with layering the sticker. I put the layers down in the wrong order, and was forced to remove one small detail in the sticker.

What I'm Proud Of

Ultimately I'm proud of my sticker, because this is the first thing I've made in FABlab that was entirely my own design. I created most of the elements in the design and I loved having the freedom to lay it out as I wanted. It was also cool, as a fan of the game that inspired my sticker, to create something that appeals to fans of that game.
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What My Flag Is Based On