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Spring Newsletter for Ludlow's Class of 2021

Local Scholarship Applications are Posted!

It's time for our seniors to apply for our local school and community scholarships. The Ludlow community is an extremely generous one. As they plan for life beyond high school, our seniors will find a wealth of support from local families, businesses, churches, and organizations. We are grateful for the continued assistance they give our seniors.

You can find all applications and details for these scholarships on our Local Scholarship page.

All applications and required attachments are due to Mrs. Pam Johnson by 3:30 PM on Friday, April 23. Students, both in-person and virtual, should make arrangements ahead of time if they need help with printing materials. Please don't wait until the last minute! Get these turned in well before the deadline.

Finding Other Scholarships

Seniors/Parents should make some time to research scholarships to help pay for college. Some general reminders:

  • Parents/Students should check with their employers, affiliated organizations, churches, banks, credit unions, and insurance agents to see if they offer scholarships to employees/members.
  • Be sure you look at the Freshman Scholarship application to the colleges you are considering. Many have a separate application for this, so don't assume that your admission application will make you eligible for the college's scholarships.
  • Seniors can build profiles and find scholarships that may apply to them on these search portals. You can do this in your Naviance account (login through Clever). Other sites:,, or
  • KHEAA puts out a publication, Affording Higher Education, which lists scholarship opportunities by type of college, type of scholarship, and location. Spend a few minutes looking through this to see if any apply to you!
  • Ludlow's Local School & Community Scholarships are released in the spring. You'll be notified when those applications are open.
  • You should never pay a fee to submit a scholarship. Beware of scams!

This list will be updated as new scholarships are released, Simply click the scholarship name to take you to the application or information page:

  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare Scholarship: For students interested in any health-related major; Complete application and essay; Deadline is March 26
  • Students of Integrity Scholarship: Student write an essay demonstrating their knowledge of ethics; Deadline is April 4
  • Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 10: Open to students of veterans; Must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher; Letters of Recommendation required; Deadline is April 19
  • Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation: This foundation houses hundreds of regional scholarships; With one application, they try to match you with ones in which you fit the criteria; Must attach your FAFSA report; Application will open in January; Deadline is April 30; ALL SENIORS should complete this one!
  • Anthony Munoz Foundation Scholarships: Students must demonstrate academic excellence, how they've overcome an obstacle, have financial need, and display leadership in the community; Deadline is May 3

The River City Promise Program Offers Free Tuition for LHS Grads

Two degrees, One Path

Last year, Gateway Community & Technical College and Northern Kentucky University partnered to make a pledge to the river city high schools, including Ludlow High School.

If a student is Pell Grant-eligible (meaning they show financial need on the FAFSA), they will qualify for this FREE tuition program!

As part of the program, students enroll in Gateway Community & Technical College and complete an Associate Degree. They then transfer to NKU and complete another two years of classes to earn their Bachelor's Degree. ALL TUITION IS FREE to the student!

This is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY for our LHS Students!

Information on The River City Promise

Work Ready Scholarship Program Provides FREE TUITION in Variety of Programs

Kentucky offers free tuition for students earning certificates/degrees in designated majors that are in high demand across our commonwealth. The purpose of the program is to train more people in these areas to fill the many open jobs. The tuition is FREE!

To qualify, those enrolling need to be a KY resident, have a high school diploma or GED, and not have an Associate Degree or higher. This program is not only great for our current seniors, but also students who graduated in the past few years, or older adults! Help spread the word to family and friends about this program! They can't find enough people to apply and fill these jobs!

A few of the careers/majors/programs included:



Energy Technology

Business Informatics

Auto Technology or Auto Body

CDL Programs

Health Sciences

Machine Tool Operator

Cyber Security

Advanced Manufacturing

Learn more about this program!

It's Not Too Late to Apply for College

Seniors should be applying to colleges now! Go to the college's website and follow the directions from there.

Some tips and reminders:

  • You are applying as an incoming freshman
  • You are an Undergraduate in college at this point (You have no college degree yet)
  • You are planning to complete either a Bachelor's Degree (4 years) or an Associate's Degree (2 years).
  • This is a formal document! Use correct capitalization, spelling, and grammar.
  • Don't forget to list your Gateway college credit if you'll have any upon graduation.
  • Be sure to save your account login details. Maybe put it in your phone for safe-keeping and easy access? You'll need it again.
  • Once you've applied, be sure to REQUEST YOUR TRANSCRIPT to be sent through Naviance. Colleges will not process your application until they receive your transcript and application fee (if there is one). If you are in need of a fee waiver, please let Mrs. Johnson know by email.

If You've Not Completed the FAFSA Yet, Do It Today!

The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the main application ALL seniors should complete. The application site opened on October 1st. While there isn't set deadline to complete it, you should try to complete it as soon as you can. Don't wait too much longer!

This step in the college process requires a parent's help, because it is heavily based on the parents' tax information. Students will file the 2021-2022 application, and tax information from 2019 will be used.

The student and one parent each need to create a FAFSA ID, which becomes an electronic signature on the FAFSA application.

Steps & Details on How to File a 2021-2022 FAFSA

Create a FAFSA ID

File Your FAFSA

Check Out These Resources from KHEAA

Check out these helpful booklets from KHEAA, our state agency for college, career, and financial aid prep!

The College Circuit

The FAFSA Completion Guide

Surviving College