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October 2015-Ashford University Newsletter

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Military Development and Engagement

The Military Community Newsletter at Ashford University was designed as a way for you to learn and share community events, resources, and key topics relevant to service members, veterans, and their families nationwide. Please contact Ashford's Military Development and Engagement Specialist if you have questions or additional resources you would like to share with your fellow military community.


  • Upcoming Events
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Military VS College Time Management
  • Homefront Heroes Scholarship (San Diego County)
  • Introducing Grammarly
  • Featured Story of Recent Graduate: Marcus Daniels
  • Ashford AMW 5K Team: Join or Support
  • Previous Editions
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Other Events of Interest
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Halloween Candy for the Troops

The troops love the candy--for themselves, but also to give out to the children in the communities they patrol. To thank our service members for all that they do, Operation Gratitude is donating candy to men and women serving overseas. To find out more about their efforts, be sure to check out the Operation Gratitude website!

Military VS College Time Management

Military vs College Time Management

Anthony Moore, Ashford University Employer Outreach Specialist

Time management in the military wasn’t that difficult – possible because all your time was pretty much managed for you. Reporting for duty, completing tasks, meeting deadlines…for most of us, we didn’t have to create this structure on our own. We followed the structure we were given, and we were good at it.

Unfortunately, many veterans who find themselves newly enrolled in school experience significant difficult managing their time. It’s on you now to create that structure, make those deadlines, and finish your tasks on a schedule. Throw in trying to find a new career, taking care of your family, moving homes…time management can turn into a nightmare for veterans in college, and for good reason.

Fortunately, many veterans have done what they do best – adapt to changing environments – and create an airtight time schedule that ensures good grades in college around their demanding careers and family needs.

This video is designed to present a simple breakdown on how to create a time schedule that seamlessly incorporates the demands of school – studying, reading, homework, projects – into your civilian life.

The consequences of not developing an effective time management strategy are enormous. You risk taking the wrong classes (or having to do classes over again), which slows down your academic success and eats away at your valuable GI Bill resources. Your grades may suffer, as well as your family life, career achievements, and even personal life.

By watching this video you can take the first step in tracking your time and predicting your progress with effective time management.

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Homefront Heroes Schoalrship (San Diego County)

Ashford is proud to again offer five scholarship opportunities to San Diego County military spouses at both the Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree levels.

Click HERE to learn more. Be sure to submit your essays between September 5 and November 8, 2015. Recipients will be notified on or around December 1, 2015.

Introducing Grammarly

Grammarly: Not your grandma’s spelling and grammar check!

While the term “grammarly” may conjure up something from a bygone era, this new editing service ROCKS and will help you take your writing to the next level! Gone are the days of poring over a paper before submitting it, hoping that you have fixed all fragments and shifts in verb tense. Gone are the days of trying to decipher the red and green squiggles under words or phrases using Microsoft Word alone.

Grammarly is a FREE (for our students and faculty) tool that allows you to submit a rough draft, a fully-polished essay, an article, a discussion post (or any other piece of writing (including a dissertation chapter) and in a matter of minutes, it provides you with suggestions for improvement, explanations for mechanical and grammatical errors, spell-check and more.

Grammarly is your personal editor that can act as that second set of eyes and catch those errors before you submit your final assignment. It takes approximately 5 minutes to set up an account and after that, you simply download your written submission and wait for the magic. This service is open 24/7, for you night owls hoping for a final proofread before submitting your work. Grammarly will then provide you with a detailed roadmap for improvement.

Setting up a Grammarly account is easy. Just go to:

Click on “Create Account”

Enter your full name, email, and preferred password.

In the field “Access Code (optional)” enter Ashfordstudent to register a new account.

If you encounter any problems or technical issues, please contact:

Inspiring Story from one of our most recent graduates

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Marcus Daniels

"No matter how long since graduating high school a degree is sought, as soon as possible is the preference. 25 years later, an Associates and a Bachelors degree is in hand with a Masters completed within the next year. Bottom line, educational opportunities are out there, the preference (online or in class) is YOURS"

After graduating high school, I attempted community college pursuing an Electronic Technician degree because I had a positive influence through my Uncle as he worked for the FAA. That attempt didn't go so well as my grades in the program were not up to par the first year so I did not continue.

The year after that I joined the Army and the educational opportunities were there but I needed a little more motivation to get me started. Being in the Army and depending on what a soldiers workload is can determine how much college or education one can obtain but that is still no excuse because there is still time, especially online.

4 years into serving in the Army, 1995, educational opportunities continued to present themselves by offering a school option for re enlistment which meant I could take classes on base for 6 months and they would allow me from 1130 to 5 o'clock to take as many classes as I could handle. I took advantage and was able to complete 9 classes in 2 years with that school option. After that I was PCS'd (Change of Station) to Germany and there was my Military education standpoint where I progress in rank.

The next time I got serious about education was in 2004 where I started my associates degree program using the military's tuition assistance, in between deployments and other military endeavors I finally finished the associates in 2009 and continued at American Military University pursuing a Bachelors Degree in English while deployed in Afghanistan. Again while deployments are still not an excuse, I was deployed again in 2012 and still completing the electives towards the English Degree, and finally in 2014 I switched to Ashford University to finish up the Major Requirements for the Bachelors of Arts In Organizational Management. With the same motivation an determination I am pursuing my MBA. The preference was mine!

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Join or Support the Ashford AMW 5K Team

You are invited to participate in the Silver Strand Veterans Day 5K run/walk/skate event on Sunday, November 15! The Student Development and Engagement Department at Ashford University has their own team (Ashford AMW) raising funds for America’s Mighty Warriors; a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that honors troops, the fallen, and their families with programs that improve quality of life, resiliency, and recovery.

America’s Mighty Warriors is funded by individual donations; the proceeds from this event will fund the Helping Heroes Heal program, which provides financial assistance for those diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This therapy is too expensive for most and is not currently covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Military Treatment Facilities.

If you are not in the San Diego area and still want to show your support, you have options: commit to a virtual run, support the Ashford AMW team, or make a donation. For more information about this event, please visit the Ashford AMW page.

Please note, the Silver Strand Veterans Day 5K is not an Ashford University sponsored event. All registration fees are the responsibility of the participant and academic credit/office hours will not be given to those who participate. Participation in this event is voluntary.

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Stephanie Kinman: Military Development and Engagement Specialist

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