Origami Owl Fundraiser

Help support Dual Language for Gilbert Elementary leaders!

Shop the New Origami Owl Line

Origami Owl offers the latest trend in jewelry. Each piece is customized by you. Each locket tells a story about your life or showcases the things that are important to you. The perfect gift for holidays, new baby, remembrance, birthdays, weddings, celebration, awareness or any time. Upcoming EASTER, MOTHER'S DAY and TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK are perfect reasons to celebrate while supporting the Gilbert Elementary Dual Language program.

Gilbert Elementary Dual Language Fundraiser

When: Friday, March 27th to Friday April 10th.
Where: ONLINE! 100% of the product sales retail profit will go towards Gilbert Elementary! Help provide language acquisition experiences for the Dual Language leaders while you get fabulous, custom Origami Owl jewelry. It's a win-win situation so Shop Til' You Drop!
How: Go to http://tinyurl.com/DualLanguageFundraiser and enter code 31030 at check out!