Music from the Harlem Renaissance

have you ever wondered how The Harlem Renaissance got it’s name ? Well the name was given to the cultural,social and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem between the end of World War 1 and the middle of the 1930’s. Many people had a lot to do with the arts of music in Harlem, they had many genres of music like Blues, Gospel, and Jazz.

One of the major , well known singers was Alberta Hunter born April 1,1895 in Memphis ,Tennessee. She achieved international fame in the 1930’s for her vigorous and rhythmically infectious style. Alberta’s first song “downhearted blues” brought her recognition in 1923. As she grew more and more in the music business, she started starring in almost everything. In 1926 she replaced Bessie Smith in the leading role “How Come”. She retired in 1954 to pursue her other dream of becoming a nurse. Alberta Hunter left a great impact ,she showed that anyone could come up from struggling at a young age to becoming one of the best blues singer of the Harlem Renaissance.