4C News

Sunday, May 5th, 2019


Corrected unit tests were returned in Friday Folders. The students are currently reviewing simple machines. We'll overlap the water cycle as a review as well. On Wednesday, representatives from the Canandaigua Watershed Authority will visit to review the water cycle. The students will take part in a fun activity.

The kids have been asking about the NYS Science test. Here is the scoop! The test is given in two parts. The first part is hands-on. We'll be assigned a time during the last ten school days in May. Individually, kids will rotate through three stations where they will use tools to carry out experiments and answer questions. On Monday, June 4th, all 4th graders will take the second part. Part two contains multiple choice and short answer questions. This test is not on the computer.......old fashioned, paper and pencil!


Read Aloud ~ We will finish Matilda tomorrow. If all goes as planned, we'll watch the movie version on Friday! It's always fun to compare/contrast books and their movies!

Picture Book Friday ~ Alex did a marvelous job entertaining us with Wordy Birdy. There were so many messages in that book! We didn't select a student for this week, so we'll have to take care of that on Monday!

Hero's Journey Stories ~ The kids are loving this! Last week we working on how to punctuate dialogue. It's time to check-in with the kids....I think some might be finished!

Big picture


Kids need to be prepared with instruments Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

From the Teacher's Perspective

This week, I loved.....

  • how a student brought in the lesson I taught on writing strong introductions into our reading "interview."
  • that the mohawk is back! :)
  • how a student stopped to let an adult cut through our line in the hallway.
  • when two students had a serious conversation about the cost and quality of sunglasses.

Saving Sam!

The kids had a lot of fun working together to save Sam! Be sure to ask your child about that challenge!