Room 24 News

February 5, 2016

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Next Week at a Glance:
Monday: Ability Awareness Kick-Off Assembly, music
Tuesday: Brave Talk, Discovery Labs
Wednesday: SBSD Winter ELA assessment, PE
Thursday: Module 3 test, 3-in-1 drill, PE
Friday: Valentine's Day Party, HOT Time

Tuesday Morning Math Help: Every other Tuesday I will be offering math help for Rm. 24 students from 8:30-8:50 beginning on 1/26. This will be a time for students to come in who feel like they need a little extra help. I am happy to work with students on current or previous material.

Astro Camp:
Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone Astro Camp. We have all of our chaperones now so if you did not receive an email then I am sorry to say that you were not chosen in the lottery.
When we return from Ski Week the 5th grade team will start to send home permission slips and packing lists.

Thank you to those of you who so quickly signed up to feed our geckos! We still have dates available so if you have not yet, please go to our sign up genius and find a date or two that work for you.

Please visit our website for updates:
There is a link to my email address as well as the school's phone number. There is also a link to our homework page. I try to be very diligent about updating the weekly homework.

What We Are Learning