Frederick Law Olmsted

The Father Of American Landscape Architect-By:Andrew Naylor

Early Life

Frederick Law Olmsted was born in Hartford, Connecticut on April 26th, 1822. His mom past away before his 4th birthday. He didn't attend Yale because he got sumac poison that weakend his eyes. Frederick was also a seaman,merchant, and journalist.

Some Of The Buildings He Designed

Fun Facts of Frederick Law Olmsted

1.Helped design and build Yale University.

2.In 1858, he became the chief architect of Central park.

3.Co-designed Central Park and other public parks.

4.Helped design and build University of Chicago's campus.

5.Designed a dozen state parks around America.

How He Started Becoming An Landscape Architect

Frederick Law Olmsted started as a journalist in 1850 and traveled to England to visit the public gardens where he was impressed by Joseph Paxton's Birkenhead Park. That is what made him want to become a Landscape Architect.