Trojan Update

October 17th, 2017

Our Mission: Turn Ashes Into Sunshine

Seven days ago, we awoke to a fiery nightmare that has played out across our county in the ensuing days. One Monday later, we're all still trying to figure out what this new world will be like. Some have lost everything and need tremendous support. Others have been the supporters, collecting and donating items, volunteering at shelters, pitching in where they can. A powerful community has risen as one.

Silver linings are difficult to talk about when people have lost their homes, but the response by our community has been amazing. PHS students were everywhere this last week, translating, lifting, donating, and organizing; our PHS staff members were key components at shelters across the city - at Cavanaugh, at Casa, at Lucchesi, at the Vets. And you parents were simultaneously taking care of families and reaching out to others. It was everyone realizing the need as one.

Seven days later, we are getting ready to welcome back our students to PHS. Monday morning, we had a visit from Nikki Jackson, an MFT and one of our District Guidance Coordinators. She walked our staff through the emotions of the present, the shock of the fires, and the ongoing impact on all of us. And she talked to us about what to say to students in the coming days as we return to school together. We’ve each experienced some level of stress and shock of the fires, some more deeply than others. It’s going to take many days, weeks and months to process all these emotions, and to adjust to the changes.

So many people have given their all during the last week. I'm going to single out two who represent so many. Our campus supervisor, Kim McNamee, went over to Casa as the shelter opened there. Before long, she was virtually running the intake desk, processing names, helping families get settled, and building a system. She was there from morning well into the late evening. She was amazing! And at Cavanaugh, Deb Daulton created a shelter and put together an organization that cared for more than 150 people for five days. Her energy and skill created a safe place for so many families in crisis. Two amazing people!

As we return to school, we anticipate discovering families who may have lost everything. We are initiating a gift card drive through ASB that will collect gift cards for distribution by our counseling staff as they hear of students in need. Cards can be dropped by the main offices at PHS or with an ASB student.

A few specific notes as we adjust to the missed days:

  • Our Homecoming celebration was obviously impacted. We are looking for a new date for the dance based on DJ availability. It will NOT be this coming Saturday, but we are exploring options. Stay tuned.
  • For those of you who wanted to take the PSAT last Saturday, we have moved to a different test day, Wednesday, October 25th. This is obviously a school day and will mean a late start schedule for non-PSAT test takers. We will publish this schedule as soon as it is developed. If you previously registered for the Saturday PSAT, you are fine for the Oct 25th test. If you had not yet registered but would like to, please see your counselor by Friday, October 20th to sign up.
  • Tuesday is a B day. We can't wait to see all our students!
  • Athletic events adjustments are below.

Some of our crew with Deb Daulton at Cavanaugh

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Girls Golf Takes SCL Tournament, Championship; Catarozoli Medallist!

Despite the fires, the coaches of the SCL golf teams decided to press on with the previously scheduled SCL Tournament at Windsor Golf Club Monday. And your Trojans put in a dominating performance, adding the SCL Tournament banner to their winning league championship. For dessert, Lilly Catarozoli took medallist honors! Well done, girls, Coach Jones, and all you PHS golf supporters. #ontoncs

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Athletics Update

The athletic directors across the Sonoma County League met Monday to discuss how to resume athletic competition after the fires. Here is what we know now:

  • Girls Tennis v. Sonoma scheduled for Tuesday, 10/17 - POSTPONED
  • Volleyball - F/JV/Varsity plays at Analy on Tuesday, 10/17
  • Cross Country vs. El Molino Wednesday, 10/18 - CANCELLED
  • Volleyball - F/JV/Varsity hosts Healdsburg on Thursday, 10/19
  • Freshman Football vs. Cardinal Newman @ Casa Grande on Thursday, 10/19 - moved to evening kick - 7:30pm
  • Football - JV/Varsity plays at El Molino on Friday, 10/20

Important Upcoming Dates

Don't forget the following dates:

October 19th - SRJC Senior Night @6pm in the PHS Library

October 23rd - Senior Financial Aid Rally

October 25th - Financial Aid Night - Ca$h for College - 6PM

October 25th - PSAT (Late Start Schedule to be announced)


Rather than copy and paste from our website as I've done in the past, let's use our website as the main form of reminder as to what is coming up. Click the link below and check out what's coming up from the calendar. (The link is now correct!)