Final Reflection

Jennifer Blankenship

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Summary of Activites

This course has assisted me in becoming more familiar with Cyber laws and best practice. The Cyber Law text is a good go-to source for finding quick information to guide practice in dealing with technology in our schools. Our online discussions have helped to increase my understanding of county policies and their implementation within the district. Another helpful activity has been the research and study of other districts' technology policies.

It was also nice to be given the opportunity to discuss with classmates and explore each others districts and their practices. Problem solving situations one with another helps to look at difficult areas from a variety of ways. To hear other's perspectives and defend your ideas helps to solidify appropriate actions.

Personal Gains

This course has been a good experience and improved my overall understanding of technology and use in our schools. I especially enjoyed our discussions surrounding Cyberbullying and online activity with our youth. This is one issue that affects all of us in education. I know in my position as a high school administrator this issue continues to impact school life for my students. My guidance counselor probably deals with at least one issue a week involving social media. Our students are becoming more and more technologically savvy each and every day as technology becomes more readily available.

The networking we have done with our colleagues has also been beneficial for me. The interaction on Facebook, with each of us sharing various articles and sites surrounding technology has increased my knowledge. The conversations and view points shared has challenged my thinking and caused me to reflect on my actions in trying to lead teachers and students in technology integration and use.

Change in the Classroom-Schools-District

I am taking away a few thoughts for change within my school and district. One thing I have realized is we need to keep our Board policies current. While researching policies in my district, the technology director and I discussed the need to revise a couple of our polices. I plan on assisting with rewriting these to include current practices. The second aspect I want to improve within in my school and possibly district is to improve the education provided to parents and students on the dangers of social media and cyberbullying. The discussion and ideas shared during this class solidified my thoughts on working to bring more parents into the school to equip them with an understanding of the dangers our students are subjected to while on the internet.

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Planning Proposal

Looking toward the future, I plan on working with our Instructional Technology Facilitator to design and conduct family nights for our community. My hope would be to bring in outside agencies including law enforcement and counselors to educate our parents and students on appropriate use of social media. It is also important to include warning signs for parents to look for in their children as a result of cyberbullying. Parents need tips on talking with their children about safe use of social media websites. Students need education on appropriate and safe use as well.

In the classroom, I plan to work with teachers on integrating technology within their lessons. During faculty meetings, I plan on spotlighting a different technology tool and setting the expectation for teachers to use these in their classes. I will conduct walk-throughs and provide teachers with feedback on their progress in incorporating technology into their classes.