My Life

My first years

My birth:

Everything begins with the baby shower of my mom, first there came the guests who were my grandparents, my godfather, my godmother, the friends of my mom, the friends of my dad, etc. They took to her gifts, adornments and other things that up to right now it preserves. On the other hand my dad was preparing for her a surprise that encouraged her very much. Time later I was born, when suit was born many happiness to my parents and to my relatives ...!!!

Members of my family

My years in the primary one

The first day was incredible, I did enough friends.. The friends that I did till now are preserved by me, they are my friends of the soul. I tell them a heap of things, one of my better friends is Andrea, she is very charismatic, enterteining and luchadora.. Besides I have a friends' heap .. that in the good ones and in the bad ones..