In 1788 there were about 750,000 people there.

Historical Fact:

The Aborigines made stone tools to help them work and hunt for food.

Where they live?

The Aborigines live on the continent of Australia. It is always hot and and humid there. The environment is rainforest and some of them live in the desert too.

Modern Fact:

Today some of them live in small houses and huts.

About Aborigines

The aborigines average height is about 5' feet. Their skin color is a tannish-blackish color.

What I learned.

What I learned over the last few days is the different type of animals that the Aborigines live with. Some other things that I learned is the food that they eat. One more thing I learned is who or what the diseases are of the Aborigines.

Ms. Mahfouz
Geography 2
March 27, 2015