My Spanish essay shows improvement because I have really struggled in the past with writing. It shows how much I have progressed over the year and how much time I put into it because my work is improving. (I got an A- 117/130)

It shows how it takes me time to adapt to to new teachers and the way they grade in 8th grade and what they are looking for but, when I understand I do really well.

It shows how when I really put my mind to it I really do well.


Bring in camera and show how tumblr got me more into photography.

This shows how I have gotten a lot more into photography and I have gotten more creative in 8th grade. in 7th grade all the school work was very formatted and everything we wrote was always 5 paragraph, three examples an introduction and conclusion. So my whole life became like that.


One of my goals was to train my dog to show responsibility. It shows how I have become more responsible and Independent this year and that I take the time to accomplish the things I want to. This shows how I have successfully managed to complete my goals and that I was very dedicated. It also shows my time management skills because with training a dog you only have a short window of time when they will learn best.