Friday Focus

Amy Parks Heath Elementary

Your Hero Opportunity

Please model service to your students this week. The video above touched my heart. Yes you go above and beyond to help your kids daily but somehow they see that as our job. :)

Be intentional in your modeling. Let them see you putting boxes in the collected book box, have them help you write a sweet letter to your boss :) .

Let them help you wrap secret gifts for a family in need or for Ms. Maria or a welcome sign for our new custodians, let them help you throw a secret lemonade and cookie surprise party for your buddies. Just be your amazing self..... but out loud; for their sake,

Our 17 Classroom Practices

1. Educators and learners model desired behaviors and attitudes such as those set forth in the Life Principles and the Eight Expectations for Living.

2. Educators and learners speak in complete sentences and address one another by name, demonstrating mutual respect and common courtesy.

3. Learners are taught thoroughly and to mastery, insuring success for all. Whole group instruction is interwoven with flexible group instruction and individual instruction.

4. Learning experiences are integrated, related to the real world, reviewed consistently, and connected to subsequent curricula.

5. Critical thinking skills are taught.

6. The environment is non-threatening and conducive to risk-taking. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow.

7. Memory work, recitations, and/or writing occur daily. These enhance character development and effective communication skills while extending curricula.

8. Enriched vocabulary is evident and is drawn directly from challenging writings, informational text, and/or wisdom literature.

9. The Magic Triad, a positive and caring environment, and discipline with dignity and logic are evident.

10. Learners’ work is displayed in some form. Positive and timely feedback is provided through oral and/or written commentary.

11. Word identification skills are used as a foundation for expanding the use of the English language.

12. Learners assume responsibility for their own behavior. Their choices determine consequences.

13. A school, class, or personal creed is recited or reflected upon daily to reaffirm commitment to excellence.

14. All learners experience success. The educator guarantees it by comparing learners to their own past performance, not the performance of others. Learners are showcased, and past failures are disregarded.

15. Educators teach on their feet, thus utilizing proximity. They engage learners personally, hold high expectations of learners, and should not limit learners to grade level or perceived ability.

16. Educators and learners employ effective interpersonal communications skills.

17. Educators and learners celebrate the successes of others.

This Week's Important Information

Monday, December 14th- Band Concert 7pm PAC

Tuesday, December 15th - 3:15 PLC Meeting; , 4th Grade Program

Wednesday, December 16th -Principal Meeting Choir Christmas Concert @CMS 7pm

Thursday, December 17th 10:30-11:30 Mozart Opera 4th -6th in Gym, 6:30 Staff xmas Party

Friday, 1/2 Day k-3 Specials Day; Parties @11:00