Mrs. Whitener's Winners

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER September 19th- 23rd

Classroom News

- For daily homework, please check my website, the link is below. I update the homework every morning.

-Please check your student for a belt EVERYDAY.

- For Math this week we will be Testing on Topic 2: Generate and Analyze Patters

- For Reading this week we will be starting SRA.

- For Writing this week, we are focusing on writing sentences and writing complete sentences

-Please talk to your students about coming to school, and using their time wisely. This has been a problem lately.

- This Monday 9/19 the students may dress in pirate costumes for national "Talk like a pirate day." The costume must be school appropriate.

- The Monday is also open house from 5:45- 6:30, I hope to see you there

- Friday is the start to the Dress up homecoming days. Friday is color wars, and 4th grade is purple. The students need to dress in as much purple as possible.

- for all dress up days the students need to wear school appropriate clothes. Nothing to short or that shows excess skin.

Very important dates

9-19 “Dress Like a Pirate Day”

9-19 3-5 Open House 5:45-6:30 (Dinner 5-5:45)

9-20 PTSP Meeting-HS Gym- 5:30 (2nd Grade)

9-22 Fall Pictures (year book pictures)

9-23 Color Wars 4th grade is purple (Wear as much purple as possible)

9-26- 9-30 Homecoming Week (Dress Up Days) (outfits must be school appropriate)

9-26 Monday Superhero (Dress like your favorite superhero)

9-27 Tuesday rags to riches (Dress your best)

9-28 Wednesday Decades day (Dress up in clothes from your favorite decade)

9-29 Thursday Spirit day (wear a spirit shirt and uniform bottoms)

9-30 Friday College day (Dress up in your favorite college shirt to show your spirit)

9-30 SnoCones

We NEED a Room Mom!!!

One Grandmother has come forward to do room mom, but she would like to share the responsibility with another mom. Email me please if you would be interested.

Jobs of a room mom:

- Organize and set up class parties (just about every major holiday)

- Go to the Room mom Meetings (I will let you know when these are)

- Organize sign-up sheet and basket for carnival (Sometime in February)
- Send emails about teacher appreciation week

- help organize teacher appreciation lunches

*two people can also do this together and share the load :)

If you are interested, please email me and let me know :)

Spelling Words

This weeks words focus on the short e sound:

1. pet

2. wet

3. end

4. fetch


6. bend

7. when

8. dent

9. bent

10. sent

Upcoming Birthdays

Mrs. Whitener - 9/20

Kaniyah- 10/24