By: Alexander Michael Griffith

The Garden of the Gods

This summer I went to Colorado and had a lot of fun moments. My experience had to do a lot with earth science. We went to the top of Pike's Peak (left), saw the Garden of the Gods (center), and took a Jeep around a bumpy trail in the mountains. The picture in the middle is a rock formation in the garden called the Kissing Camels.

The Garden of the Gods

My FAVORITE part of Colorado was the Garden of the Gods. This was an area that had some of the most amazing rock formations in the world. My favorite was the balancing rock. This was a rock that has been balancing in a single spot for centuries. It looked almost impossible!

Stuff You Should Know

I have disgraphia which makes me do things slower than other kids because I can't get some ideas out of my head. l think that Science is not my all time favorite subject. But that's okay because my grandfather is a chemist and is in the LSU Hall of Fame.