The Alternative View

October 8, 2020

Upcoming Dates

  • 10/9 -- Tutoring 8:00-11:45am
  • 10/12 -- Jostens senior presentation at CAS (A group)
  • 10/15 -- Jostens senior presentation at CAS (B group)
  • 10/16 -- Tutoring 8:00-11:45am
  • 10/21 -- Parent/Teacher Conferences (virtual)
  • 10/23 -- End of Q1 (semester 1 at CAS); Tutoring 8:00-11:45am. ALL WORK DUE!
  • 10/28 -- Parent/Teacher Conferences (virtual)
  • 10/29 -- NO SCHOOL. Parent/Teacher Conferences (virtual)
  • 10/30 -- NO SCHOOL
  • 10/31 -- safe!

Principal's Update

These are certainly strange times we are living in now. Fortunately, the staff and students at CAS are making the best of it. We are now wrapping up our 5th week of hybrid in-person learning and have learned a lot about what is working and what is not.

To clarify, students are separated into two groups, A and B. A group attends in-person school on Mondays and Wednesdays; B group attends in-person school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays are tutoring for those students who are failing 1 or more courses.

Here is the important part: When students are scheduled to be at home (either M/W or T/Th), this is a school day, NOT a day off. Teachers are providing in-person instruction, then students are expected to complete assignments posted to Google Classroom when at home. When students don't complete their assignments, this puts teachers in a time crunch...and time is not plentiful right now. Work can often be completed in a short amount of time which will then prepare them for the next day's lesson. Please encourage and support your child during their at-home school days.

Because we are on a 4x4 schedule, the "semester" will end on October 23rd, and the next "semester" will start on October 26th. While students only have 4 courses to track at any given time, it is imperative that they stay on top of that work.

As always, we are here to help and support your child's road to success. Please let us know if you need anything.

Matt Woolf

Principal -- Center Alternative School

Complete your FAFSA

Let Dr. McGee know if you need any assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be virtual this year due to COVID-19. Although not the norm, this format does present some benefits. Not only can you meet with teachers from the comfort of your home, you can choose exactly when you'd like to meet each teacher. Appointments will be made in 15 min slots during the following times:

Wednesday, 10/21, 3:30-7:30

Wednesday, 10/28, 3:30-7:30

Thursday, 10/29, 8:00-11:00

To book your conferences, please follow this link to our CAS Sem 1 Parent-Teacher Conferences page. Be sure to complete all sections including selecting a teacher. You will need to schedule an appointment for EACH teacher or staff member you'd like to meet with.

Once you book a slot, a Microsoft Teams meeting link will be created and sent to both you and the teacher. Just log on a few minutes before your appointment and you'll be ready to go!

Bus Routes

We have adjusted our bus routes recently in order to provide the most efficient transportation for our students. This included eliminating stops where students weren't getting on the bus, and moving times back to allow students to sleep in later. The challenge is we have A and B group routes, so thank you for your patience.

Below are the current stops and pickup times. Please use the stop closest to your home.

7:41 81st & Wabash

7:28 99th & Walnut

7:31 1301 E 89th St

7:37 Troost & Pres Ave

7:21 99th & Locust

7:44 80th & Walrond

7:25 Wornall & 90th st

7:37 8000 Garfield

7:33 89th & Wayne

7:26 89th & Washington

7:44 77th & Agnes

7:15 Minor Dr & Oak st

7:23 87th & Wornall

7:40 77th & Agnes

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Friday Tutoring Bus Schedule

Because we will see different students each Friday depending on need, transportation will run on a limited route. Please choose the stop closest to your home from the list below:

1) 1301 E 89th st in front of complex @ 7:24

2) E 99th st & Locust @ 7:31

3) CMS Driveway @ 7:35

4) 8817 Wornall RD the North East side of the intersection in front of ECE @ 7:39

5) Prospect Ave & 79th st @ 7:45

6) The Paseo & 80th st @ 7:47

7) CAS @ 7:50

Seniors looking ready for their last school picture day!

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Suggestions from Leadership to successfully manage hybrid learning.

Social Studies Update

Modern American History:

Students just finished a project in which they imagined themselves as farmers making the journey West during Westward Expansion. We are now moving into the Industrial Age, learning about new inventions, technologies, and the economic boom of that time.

U.S. Government:

Students are taking a close look at our founding documents. We have learned about the key ideas in the Declaration of Independence, and are now beginning to study the Constitution. Students are also trying out different methods of taking notes to learn what works best for them.

Science Update

Hello CAS parents and students!

It's hard to believe we are almost through the 1st quarter. Time has flown by! There have been many successes so far this year and I am looking forward to many more. Below is an update for CAS High School Science.

  • Environmental Science - We have been studying earth's different Biomes and how Natural disasters impact humans and the economy. Students did an outstanding job creating their Biomes in class! Our next unit will look at ecosystems and how organisms interact.

Please remind your student to check Google Classroom during each of their Virtual days. They can be found under the "Classwork" tab in the At Home - Virtual Assignments topic. Thank you for your support and please let me know if there is any way I can help your student on these assignments.

Nurse's Nook

So far, temperature checks, mask wearing, hand sanitizing and screening questions on student and staff arrival each day have gone pretty smoothly. Two areas we need to see improvement are students bringing and wearing their masks every day. Although we have some to give if needed, it should be a rare occurrence. Also, proper wearing of the mask is essential. It needs to cover the nose and mouth, not be sagging down. They should not be taken off unless eating/drinking/or outside in a socially distanced setting. Please reinforce these areas of improvement with students. We have made it in person for a month successfully, though, and that should be celebrated!

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CAS COVID Procedures

ELA Update

English 12: We’ve started reading our novel The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini. We will complete a project using themes, characters, turning points and symbols to create a “Kite Project” over the novel. This will serve as their end-of-quarter assessment. Students will be expected to virtually complete any reading that we are unable to complete in-person. Our work calendar and activities are outlined in Google Classroom, including a PDF copy of the novel for at-home reading on Fridays.

English 11: We have started our second unit for the quarter. We are using the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller as an anchor text to explore the Puritan Influence in Early American Literature. We will complete a study on themes, characters, and symbols and use the information to create an infographic-style book cover on the play. This will serve as their end-of-quarter assessment. Photography and English 11 are collaborating to create this project by combining skills and concepts from each course.


Family and Consumer Sciences class learning how to sew. Students taking to the new skill with confidence. Currently students are designing and constructing masks and drawstring backpacks. Protecting our community one mask at a time.

Math Update

Geometry classes have been focusing on Transformations the past few weeks in class. Students have been learning about translation, reflection and rotations. Students are starting to focus on Symmetry this next week. We started a Symmetry Drawing Project, where students used their names to construct a symmetrical design. One class focused on using rotational symmetry, while another class used another format to create a similar symmetrical design with their initials. Students then used complementary colors from previous Art knowledge to color their designs. Students will work on Angles in their next unit.

Algebra classes have been focusing on solving equations. Students started with fundamental knowledge on order of operations, using the distributive property and solving 1-step equations. Students have been working super hard this past week on using this knowledge to apply to solve multi-step equations. I have been excited to see growth in several of the students as they make the transition into this class. Students will begin work on inequalities the next 2 weeks. The students will have a Unit 1 test the week of October 19th. Students will receive a study guide next week.

Ms. Jarusha Geringer

Center Alternative School

Secondary Math Teacher

Assistant Coach - Yellowjacket Soccer (Boys/Girls)

(816) 349-3668

Hybrid Art Classes at CAS

The Hybrid model of instruction was designed here in the Center School District to help students achieve. This is true in their art classes as well as their core classes. The idea is that the student comes to school every other day. This allows us to keep our classes sizes down for the safety of our students and staff as well. The days they do not come to school, they still have work to complete. This is true in every single class. The assignments provided through Google Classroom are designed to prepare them for the next day of in person instruction. If students “take the day off” they come to class unprepared on the day we have in-person instruction.

Another factor to consider is the change to block periods. This means we will have four semesters instead of two. Our first semester will end on October 23rd and grades will be due at that time. Without the work at home, the student will not have the time to finish the course work in the short time we have.

Even with these restrictions, students are still producing some really incredible works. We have finished a unit in drawing and have begun another with paint.

Suicide Awareness

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for adolescents nationwide and in Missouri. Some of the warning signs are:

Student Cell Phone Policy

Just a reminder...

The district student cell phone policy ("Away for the Day") states that student cell phones should be off and off your person from 8:00am until 3:00pm. When students violate the policy, the following consequences will be assigned:

  1. Phone pouched or confiscated, returned to student at the end of the day
  2. Phone pouched or confiscated, returned to parent for pickup.
  3. Phone pouched or confiscated, returned to parent for pickup. Parent/admin conference

Further violations will results in steeper consequences such as turning over phone upon arrival to school.

Students who refuse to comply will receive 3 days OSS and will be required to pouch the phone upon return from suspension.

We enforce this policy to help students focus on learning and to minimize drama from social media while at school. Thank you for helping support our school and, most importantly, your child.