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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | Issue 10

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Out of the Building

I am out of the building today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (8/19) for professional development at DSC. If anything is urgent call / text / email.

SLO Template

I've also created a magical SLO scoring template that will show growth by tiers. If you're interested in that (for those who are procrastinating) send me a ticket and we can arrange a time to set that up. If we've already created the TBT data analysis spreadsheet, it's very simple copy & pasting and then changing values on an IF statement.

Help Tickets

Just a reminder not to e-mail your help desk tickets (don't go to Gmail and send an e-mail to help@swcsd.us). Go directly to help.swcsd.us to submit your request. Effective November 1, you will not be able to e-mail the request.

Technology Professional Development

David Hampson and I are working on new high school professional development courses. If there is anything you can think of that would help you in your classroom, please let me know. Our current focus is on transitioning from Microsoft to Google, and from Apps to Bookmarks.

Assistive Technology

Please join Shannon and I next Tuesday morning to learn some tools you can use with students who have disabilities to help bridge the gap. It is preferred that you do, but you do not need to sign-up in PDExpress to attend, you can just show up.


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Don't forget to register for our upcoming courses!

Google Apps & Extensions

October 21 @ GCHS Rm 302

10:00 - 12:00

Instructor: Lindie Schweitzer

Google Forms

October 21 @ GCHS Rm 301

11:00 - 12:00

Instructor: Amy Kline

DYKnow Training

October 21 @ GCHS Rm 301

10:00 - 11:00

Instructor: Amy Kline

Assistive Technology

October 25 @ GCHS Rm 307

7:15 - 7:45

Instructors: Shannon Route & Amy Kline


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Check This Out!

Google Forms can Save an Unfinished Test / Quiz!

Do you have students who receive extended time but have to submit their assessment early because you used Google Forms? Watch the video below to see how students can complete a Form at a later time.

Chromebook Test Taking Tip:

Have your students make their browser full-screen when taking an assessment. They can do this on the Chromebooks by pressing the full-screen button in the top-row of the keyboard. Nothing is stopping them from pressing it again to get out of full-screen mode but a simple scan of the classroom will let you know who is not in full-screen mode.

Complete an Unfinished Form Test


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How it Works [fliphtml5 com]


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I've had quite a few teachers ask me about student e-mail addresses etc. To generate your students e-mail addresses with the proper zeros in front, simply copy and paste their ID numbers into this spreadsheet and their e-mails will generate.

CLICK HERE for the spreadsheet -- make a copy -- paste your students IDs and you're done!

Alternatively, our district has set-up Google Classroom to automatically create Classrooms for each of your classes with your students loaded. If you click the 'students' tab, you'll see a list of your students. Simply click the 'check all' box to select every student, click 'Actions' and choose 'Email Students' and it will import your student email addresses in the BCC field of an e-mail message in your Gmail.


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October Tech PD: Assistive Technology Featuring Google Voice Typing & Google Text to Speech

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 7:15am

Room 307

Shannon Routte will be leading the session on using assistive technology tools in the classroom. Free tools such as Google's voice typing and a built-in Chromebook text-to-speech are available to all of our students. Learn how to use these to help meet the needs of your students in the classroom.

This course is now available on PDExpress for .05 CEUs.

Contact Information

Amy Kline

Business Teacher

Building Technology Coach

Grove City High School

Level 2 Google Educator

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