The Daly News 4/22/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Earth Day Information

Monday April 22 is Earth Day. The Green Committee and PTO volunteers will be hosting a Kindness Rock painting activity during your normal recess time. All students are invited to participate. Tables will be set up in both Manatee Meadow and the Picnic Area adjacent to the playground. A few things to consider or discuss with your students:

  • We will use paint pens and sharpies to minimize mess. If there is any concern about mess, you may have your students wear their art shirts.
  • We will have suggestions for kindness words and phrases, but they can use their creativity.
  • The rocks will go into Manatee Meadow when finished. They will be kept there for students to borrow whenever they need it or want to help a friend or new student. The hope is they will return them to the garden when they feel better.
  • They can make more at home and bring them in.

If you have any questions, contact Barbara Tomchuk Thank you for your support of this effort to spread more kindness at Manatee and create a focal point in Manatee Meadow.


As a reminder....

Walking laps during recess is not an allowable consequence. We are in compliance for the recess requirements by the skin of our teeth.

If you go to recess more than 30 minutes per day, that time can be used for walking consequence.

If you have students walking laps outside their 30 minute recess, you need to first notify Shannon. It can be a simple email stating the time you are going out and when the "extended walking time" will take place. This will help when we get parent phone calls, the frequency of these calls has been increasing.

Math Curriculum 2019-2020


The information below is what I have received from the district. Sadly, I don't know more than what is shared here. It seems that the curriculum department is taking steps to support us in math next year.

As you are aware of the governors Executive Order 19-32, the mathematics adoption has been suspended and the ELA adoption has been postponed. In response to this order Brevard has created a plan to support implementation of quality instructional materials.

  • For schools that have selected to implement Eureka K-5, we will provide materials and a basic manipulative package. (This is not Manatee, but schools who have used their own funding to purchase and implement Eureka in the past few years)
  • For schools not selecting Eureka, we will provide Ready MAFS for K-2 and you will continue to have enVision for 3-5.
  • All sixth graders will have Big Ideas.

Training will be in place during the summer to support teacher/administrator learning for both Eureka and the Ready MAFS.

As a reminder please do not DCR any mathematics materials

Important Dates


  • Carver out
  • Earth Day events at recess


  • Carver out


  • Daly out mid-day only
  • PLC Meeting


  • Daly out
  • 2nd grade field trip


  • Early Release PD, start time at 1:30 pm for a district presentation on a new safety app you may want to download to your phone, don't be late!
  • iReady Popcorn Party Day, notify Carver if you class has earned this party to ensure you are on the list.

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