WPL Strategic Plan 2014-2018

Concise version: Mission & Goals

Our Mission

To serve as a gathering place for the community and to connect our patrons to Cozad's past, present, and future.

Strategic Plan Undertakes Following

  • To offer patrons full access to library resources including collections, technology, room, and support to use these resources
  • To maintain a professional environment that gives staff flexibility and training to deliver library services competently, efficiently, and to give patrons an excellent user experience
  • To cooperate with outside organizations and individuals and to use technology to keep patrons abreast of learning opportunities


Wilson Public Library is patron-focused

The library will shift from:

  • Being a book and material depository to a hands-on learning environment

  • Having a variety of staff technological abilities to a consistent mastery for staff of present and future technologies

  • Primarily a print environment to a more equal digital environment

  • Providing services within the context of the physical building to more collaborative, outside library services

Community Need #1: to expand access to information, resources, & services

The library plays a key role in Cozad by providing access to a variety of information, resources and services. To Wilson Public Library, this also means providing access within a safe and clean environment, adequate hours of operation, and internet access to the library’s online services. Access means providing a library collection reflecting different points of view in a variety of formats as well as public internet computers and WIFI. It means available, professional, caring staff to help patrons with information, resources, and services. Expanding access in this digital age means making sure the library has means to be available to patrons outside the confines of normal operating building hours. Finally, access also means making sure the community knows all that the library offers; patrons won’t use it if they don’t know it’s available.

Goal 1: To Increase Technology Access/Education by 10%

1. Objective: To write a technology plan to specifically address technology, access, and education by April 2015.

2. Objective: To obtain new children’s computers instead of the 2 windows 2000 ones using now.

3. Objective: To offer 6 technology courses per year besides Check-Out a Librarian beginning January 2015.

4. Objective: To find, fund, and send all staff to a minimum of 2 technology trainings per year beginning October 2014.

5. Objective: To increase Overdrive monthly users by 10% each year by subscribing to Overdrive Advantage. August 2014 WPL Overdrive users: 47 unique users checked out 244 items, putting an additional 27 items on hold (55 audio books and 216 items).

6. Objective: To increase the library’s following by 10% on Twitter and Facebook each year. August 2014 stands at Twitter followers: 24 Facebook: 386

COMMUNITY NEED #2: To educate and empower our community

The library recognizes its importance as a safe and respected anchor institution. Cozad is unique in that it has a specific aging population as well as a growing school-age population. These different groups have specific needs that require individualized resources and services. Older residents and those in senior living centers need information on health care, retirement, and estate planning. Reading for entertainment, book clubs, and author visits are valued. With economic stressors, there are additional opportunities to engage and empower patrons to return to the work force, whether in Cozad, the county, the state, or beyond. Teens need access to online information and WIFI with the school’s technology push, positive activities, and study space. Preschool children need early literacy programs, story times, and access to appropriate materials such as board books. Guardians with toddlers need parenting information, recreational time, and floor space to play with their children.

Goal 2: To collaborate with 15 different organizations and businesses to promote and expand the services of the library

1. Objective: To interview local businesses and services for availability of programs (ex. Business plan or resume writing workshops) that can be held at the library. Start: January 2015, complete May 2015.

2. Objective: To partner with school/businesses for a Makerspace or possibility of by the end of 2015.

3. Objective: To partner with homeschool association to provide specific programs for targeted group.

4. Objective: To attend/present to a minimum of 6 different civic groups per year about library happenings beginning October 2014. This will be ongoing.

5. Objective: To write a weekly press release for area newspapers, radio, and television channels beginning October 2014.

6. Objective: To partner with 12 different organizations to host exhibits/displays monthly at the library.

COMMUNITY NEED #3: To build a culture of creativity and encouragement

For the past few years the library (and the community) has been in survival mode. The focus has been to engage the community to return to the library within the confines of cautious budgets. Due to key collaboration and support of the City Council, the library is finding and creating new opportunities. Service to patrons, always important at Wilson Public Library, is even more so to our future success.

This strategic plan is the library’s commitment to build a culture of creativity and vision. If communication improves at all levels and if there is a team effort of staff to experiment, the library will shift to a creative, visionary culture. Wilson Public Library has at all levels extremely dedicated individuals who are committed to moving the library forward. By working together, the staff and key stakeholders will do just that.

Goal 3: To increase usage of the library 10% every year.

1. Objective: To begin a Cozad’s Big Read community reading event in January 2015.

2. Objective: To offer the Early Childhood Ready to Read Program starting in January 2015.

3. Objective: To offer a Saturday story time for all ages once per month beginning September 2014.

4. Objective: To offer community craft/leisure classes six times per year beginning January 2015.

5. Objective: To have the Friends of the Library become more visible by sponsoring 3 events per year.

6. Objective: To increase materials budget by 5% each year beginning FY 2015-2016.

7. Objective: To evaluate hours open to meet needs of the community by November 2014.