Be your beautiful self

Ads can present the idea to women that they are not perfect.



Women all around see many beauty advertisements and put their mind in the state of realization that the perfection through the screen can not ever be reached. This causes poor attitude and most influential, a dramatic decrease in self confidence. Self confidence is how people view

themselves positively. When women see a beautiful model or gorgeous celebrity, they automatically want to be beautiful and gorgeous too. Then the next day they look in the mirror and feel ugly and unattractive which means they are losing self confidence. Day after of day of looking in the mirror and feeling imperfection , low self confidence is suddenly depression. All the perfection that women see in advertisements is all fake and what women get in return is depression and low self esteem which should not be happening at all. In conclusion, this needs to be stopped and each woman should look in the mirror with a smile on their face , their chin up and an attitude that says confidence is the best thing you can wear.


Ads can affect women in many different ways causing them to change their style and beliefs. After looking at advertisement girls all over the world don't think there perfect and need to be changed. When they see a model with colored eyes or blond hair girls think not having these traits makes them abnormal. The next day there at the salon trying to fix something that can't be fixed because of the model or celebrity they saw in the Cliniques ad. This drops their self esteem and confidence causing them not to believe in themselves. So many girls all over the world cut carbs and proteins thinking they will lose weight but in reality they're hurting themselves and their body. After cutting this from their diet causing them to get diseases like cancer, diabetes, and even depression. In conclusion advertisers think a harmful advertisement can help them sell their product in reality girls are risking their lives to be normal or perfect.


Women, in some cases, should not have to face depression or a decrease in self-confidence just because of an advertisement that made them feel like they were good enough. Advertisers use gorgeous models and dazzling celebrities to advertise their beauty products that they are trying to sell, but what they might not know is what goes on inside a women when she knows that what she examined in the advertisement is far from where she is at. Advertisers should should attempt to use more average or normal looking people rather than a insanely gorgeous model with the perfect body, complexion, and attitude. If they chose to do this, the commercial would be more relatable and effective in people’s everyday life. If promoters would try to do this with their products, women could watch a commercial about the latest hair product from pantene without feeling the pressure of not feeling good enough.Not only would this affect the beauty industry towards women , but it would also affect every other industry in advertisement. Commercials wouldn’t feel so heavy in your brain anymore it would simply lift the negativity of your chest and help you feel good about yourself.


Everyday girls are changing their style or how they look due to an advertisement. Women should not pressure themselves just because they don't look like the model in the new Urban Decay ad. This makeup promotion puts every girl's self esteem and self confidence on the line. If advertisers just used average people then the product would be more relatable than using superstars. Using models with caked faces brings every girl's self esteem down causing them to fall in the pit of pressure and depression. Using average girls that don't have a caked face will help girls feel normal and perfect just the way they are. Something so small and harmless can affect many girls all over the world. By putting an end to this it going to make every women to the setting stone that their perfect and nobody can change that.


Women should love themselves for who they are and should not rely on what advertisements are presenting.

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