Teacher Tech Thursday

Topic: Mix up your lessons with Office Mix – an add on for PowerPoint basics

April 7th, Curriculum Library, 4:00 - 5:00

Guest Presenter: Ms. Emily Wilson

Sophomore Elementary Education Major

Guest Presenter: Mr. Derek Witmer

Junior Elementary Education Major

Are you an avid user of PowerPoint? This workshop will explore an office add in called “office mix”. It will take your Powerpoint presentations and transform them into interactive and engaging sessions for you and your students. During this session we will learn how to:

  • Download the add on
  • Activate the add on in Powerpoint (must have PowerPoint 2013 or higher)
  • Record a presentation
  • Annotate the slides with audio and pen markings
  • Capture a video of you presenting
  • Add in quizzes and polls in your office mix
  • Insert online videos

ACT 48 hour provided by MWIU 4

Teacher Tech Thursday

Thursday, April 7th, 4-5pm

Curriculum Library

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