January Birthdays

Celebrating With Yummy Food

Join Sha'terika & Victoria fora Sunday Potluck

What better way to celebrate our birthdays than to share in a meal with our most favorite Seattle friends and family?!

We encourage you to bring a dish to this birthday potluck. We know you all can cook or whip up some yummy stuff so don't be shy.

Victoria will be making a main dish (Cilantro Lime Fish) and desert. If you have ideas of what you'll bring, please text/email or call Sha'terika or Victoria. Here are a couple of ideas...

-Salads (2)

-A Dessert (1-2)

-Side Dishes (3-4)

- Main Dishes (2)

We are excited to see you and cannot wait to catch up.

JanBam Birthday Potluck

Sunday, Jan 20th, 5pm

1801 S McClellan St

Seattle, WA

If you have any question, please call Victoria at 559-801-4350. She'd be happy to give you directions to her house.