The amino acids your body needs !

What do proteins do?

Proteins are one of the most essential amino acids your body needs. One of the most important things proteins does is it synthesizes new proteins which our body needs for basic bodily functions. Proteins maintain tissues and build new cells for our body. There are also many different functions proteins play within in our body; one of the most important is that it builds muscle, bones, and other parts of your body. Proteins also increase immunity, balance pH value, help transport nutrients, lose weight, and form enzymes.

Too many proteins?

Yes, there is a such thing as too much protein. If the body receives too much protein it can cause weight gain, yeast overgrowth, and cancer. These are life threatening issues relating to the consumption of too much protein. You can expand your lifespan by decreasing the amount of protein your body receives, but do not lower it too much because it can lead to reduced protein synthesis and the breakdown of tissue. Make sure you are receiving the amount of protein that is just right for your body. Not too little or too much, but just right.

What makes proteins so interesting?

Poem about proteins ! (:


P eptide bonds join together small units of amino acids

R eally essential proteins your body needs include meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, and ect.

O nce protein is digested it is broken down into amino acids.

T oo much protein can be harmful to your body.

E nergy is created through protein.

I n the lead or primary is what the Greek word "proteios" means which is what the word protein originated from

N eed protein to live (2nd most plentiful substance for your body)

S ynthesizes new proteins for our body.


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