Baseball Training Facility

Baseball and Fitness

This is a facility is were all the young athletes that play baseball, improve on their talent. We show the athletes the proper techniques on how to play baseball. Also we have trainers that will do drills and exercises with the kids so they can be the best out there. Our trainers have an experience of playing baseball so it can be easier to know. We have a batting cage, a pitching mount, medicine balls, light weights and etc.. We will get them in shape and make them into a great baseball player in high school, college and maybe even the pros.
We teach the kids how to hit the ball to all of the sides of the field. We teach them how to field a ball with soft hands. We fix all there bad habits and improve on there weaknesses. We teach how to hit and pitch with the proper mechanics, and the proper approaches. We teach the pitchers how to throw different types of pitches. Many travel baseball teams come to work out and practice with us.
We also mix baseball with the gym. The drills that we show the kids are going to help the kids with their strength, speed, stamina, quickness, balance and etc.. We work on there arms, legs, body and core. Its like going to the gym, working out and improving on everything. We use medicine balls. light weights, ropes, yoga ball and etc. to get the kids in shape.